Thursday, June 15, 2017

The first 90.Swim.Flowers.Projects Finished and 8 Girls Visiting.

We had our first hot spell of the summer..{technically late spring...summer next week}
90 degrees everyday. I love it.

The kids went in our pool for the first time this week...we're a little behind over here.

I love the time of year when I can find flowers for my table right outside my door.

The sun is perfect when it rises and when it sets!
It's been so gorgeous to see.

We finished our big house project...I'll show you soon!

This past weekend I hosted eight incredible ladies at my house.
Friends I met years ago through blogging! of all things.
It's been fun to get to know each other in "real life" over the years.
....and I enjoy our time when we get together.

For some reason, it feels like Monday to me...
...which is really crazy since it's already Thursday.

Glad it's close to the weekend.


  1. Those last two pictures are everything! Xo-Chris

  2. Such a sweet time. So glad it finally happened. ❤️