Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Annual Fourth of July Partaaaay! Flag shirts, fireworks and all the trimmings.

My kids look forward to my parent's Fourth of July party as much as Christmas morning.
To be honest..all of us kids {my siblings} do too.
They've been throwing parties on this day forever and ever.

It's sort of like a mini family reunion...'s the one day out of the year cousins and second cousins and third cousins all get together.

My cousin and I realized yesterday how big our family has grown over the years.
It's crazy! a really great way.

Tons and tons and TONS of food.
Flag shirts.
Blueberry pies.
A new puppy. {not our's!}
The bouncy house.

...and by fireworks, I mean FIREWORKS!
{including my pyro-tech brother's homemade concoctions}
We're talking my brothers and my husband here..and if you know them,
you know what I'm talking about.

{My parent's grandkids minus three}

Four Generations : Great Grandpa. Grandpa. Uncle. Nephew.

I'm thankful for this country.
I'm thankful for my family!

Hope your holiday was blessed and wonderful.


  1. Goodness!!! I would love the recipe for the salad in the second to last picture!! I'm sure others would too!��

  2. This looks perfect family gathering, I really like everything about this party, let it be music, food and chit chat. Thank you for sharing your moment with us