Thursday, August 31, 2017

In the lovely month of August we....

...wore sweaters more than bathing suits.
{it's been chilly..and I'm okay with that! cue the wood stove..alright..maybe not yet}

....made a four layer strawberry shortcake cake for our thirteen year old's birthday.
{I had to take shelves out of the fridge to fit that thing in...}

..celebrated birthdays for Granny and Allison.

....watched the eclipse with cousins and friends.

..finally!!!! felt better this month after four and a half months of "miscarrying".
{another post for another time}

....ate doughnuts from the Doughnut Vault, but for the most part stayed away from sugar.
{which is huge for me. Huge!}

.....took the train to the city with my sister Stephanie .
{and in true Liz fashion..we made it back on the train home with about one minute to spare...
and of course out of breath because we ran walked really fast one point four miles.
hey, there is nothing wrong with maximizing your time...
..and yes children, one day we will sit in seats for the first twenty five minutes of our ride home
and you will not have to sit on the stairs by the door...Ha!}

Goodbye August. Goodbye Summer...{for the most part}
Hello September and the start of our school year and apples and cider and bonfires
and....Fall! in just a few short weeks. I am a little excited..just a little.

HaPpY Labor Day weekend!!!

p.s. There is a Balloon Festival in Harvard Illinois this weekend...
...we'll be making pizzas in the brick oven. Come out and see us!

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