Sort of like WebMD....but you won't die.

Breast Infection.

It's how I spent last week. In bed. and on the couch.
I had a 103.5 fever. Very sore. Achy. Headache.
The usual symptoms.

Wisdom from my Mom, concoctions and remedies from my dear friend {and neighbor}and
knowledge from past experiences helped me to get better.

A Few Things I Did and You Can Do Too.....

~Do NOT wear an under wire bra! If you can..for a couple days don't wear one at all.
If you have teenage boys in your home and you must ;) not, not, not wear under wire.
Trust me. Don't do it. You'll be sorry.

~Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.
Even after you are feeling better...stay down for an extra day or so.
Moving around and getting busy too soon afterward will cause it to come back with a vengeance!

~Water. Drink tons of water.
Try to avoid caffeine and sugary drinks.

~Nurse the baby as much as possible on the side that is hurting.
This will hurt...Bad! Bad like you want to punch someone.
But it will help in the long run. So do it.

~Hot Castor Oil Compresses.
Heat a small amount of castor oil as hot as you can stand it,
dip a rag or clothe into it and then squeeze it out. The castor oil will help break up whatever is causing the clogged duct. Put the rag or clothe on the sore spot. Keep it there for 20 minutes.
It will feel good and also, the oil holds the heat for a longer time.
Do this right after the baby nurses...and try not to let the baby get castor oil in his or her mouth.

~Hot showers. As hot as you can stand the water.
Make sure the hot water hits the sore spot...also massage the sore spot.
It will hurt, but also help.

~Compresses using just hot water.
My sweet husband actually put a crock pot with hot rags next to my bed before he left for work one morning...that way they were always available.

~You can also keep a heating pad on the sore side.

~My neighbor made a batch of Elderberry and Lemon Balm syrup.
I took a spoonful every hour or so...that was to boost my immune system.
This is actually good for any kind of sickness! and it doesn't taste awful so kids don't mind it.

~My neighbor also made me this special hot tea..not sure what was in it. I know she used honey!
So this really won't help you whatsoever. Ha!

It all started for me on a Sunday. By Tuesday afternoon my fever was gone and I was starting to feel a whole lot better. I took it easy for a couple days and this week I feel like a million bucks!

If symptoms worsen or persist longer than four your doctor.


  1. I had mastitis when Lydia was a newborn and it felt like the flu! I've had plugged milk ducts numerous times, too. The thing that always helps me is to get a dark green outer leaf of a green cabbage, wash it, and put it on the sore spot. I don't know how it works, but it will clear it up within a day or so.

  2. I used the cabbage leaf as well, and it did help. They are not fun to have! Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Oh my! I haven't ever had it but I hurt just reading it!!! So so glad you're better.