Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Most favorite Christmas present?

My new purse. Given to me by my bestest friend. =)
It's made of lamb leather. It's soft and makes our coat closet smell wonderful.


*Interesting Jeff and Liz Fact #37 The way we purchase each other's Christmas gifts each year.*

We save change. Quarters and Dimes only. (Nickels and Pennies go into the kid's bank)
All year long we fill this little basket set on a shelf in our bedroom. Early December we cash in our change.

Whatever the amount is, we split it evenly. That is what we spend on each other! No more, no less.

This has been our tradition since the first Christmas we were married.
Our first Christmas we were young and broke...we had $24.
It was fun to be creative with only $12 a piece!

Save your change and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised how much it all adds up to in just a year's time.
Enough in our house that I was able to receive a Lucky Brand purse!

Happy Wednesday.

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