Thursday, December 29, 2011

Around here.....

...our Christmas decorations are still up. I will take them down January 2 like I do every year.
Except for this one December, (1999 to be exact) when I took down the tree before New Year's Eve.
I didn't like it. No one did. The house had an empty sort of feel.

In early December the house always feels so cozy and warm all decked out with
fresh garland hung above the doorways, the lighted tree in the living room,
Christmas cards cluttering the outline of our kitchen entrance.

Then, a couple of days after Christmas I get into this cleaning mode.
I am consumed by the declutter- reorganize- repaint- rearrange bug.
And this bug does NOT like Christmas decorations!

This afternoon as I was dusting crispy pine needles off my hutch for the 458th time,
I was ready for the Christmas decor to be packed away!
But I didn't do it, I told myself.....Liz, you can't repeat 1999!

So up it all stays until Monday. =)


One of the gifts my mom gave to me for Christmas was this huge basket. I love it.


Jeff and the boys cleaned out our attic early this morning.
We have the best attic! There is a staircase in our hallway leading up to it.
Someday we plan on doing something great up there. Someday.

(For now, when the weather is not too hot, or not too cold, the kids will go up and play.)

During their cleaning escapade I saw five huge, black garbage bags being taken out.
I have no idea what they got rid of....and I don't really care. I'm thankful to have it cleaned out.

I have a roast and potatoes in the oven for dinner.
The kids are just coming in from playing outside.


I'm eating a piece of chocolate I stole from my daughter.

Hope you are having a lovely Thursday.

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