Monday, December 12, 2011

A Show and Tell of Sorts ~ Chicago Style....

(...for those who have never been. ;)

I absolutely love the city at Christmas time. Actually all year long I love the city,
but at Christmas time I love it even more.
The business, the lights, the shopping, the feels so Bishop's Wife.
(Which is a movie everyone Should! watch AND enjoy during the holiday season.)

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I'll separate this post into sections for you.

We'll call this one Transportation.
If you were coming in from the northwest....this would be your skyline view.
If you were coming in from the'd be in a boat. =)


To find a sign like this is a gift.
Parking is not cheap downtown. It's robbery! especially on Michigan Ave where we were headed.

However, for the past eleven years, Jeff and I have been parking in this hidden gem of a garage costing only $8 a day (on weekends),  not the usual $35 everywhere else.

Next section...

The Bragging Wife.
Should you ever find yourself on the corner of LaSalle and Kinzie, take a look into The Sterling.
My husband did all the woodwork in the foyer.
He also put the trim in each unit from the 10th to the 40-something-th floor?

(He doesn't like me telling people, I can't help it...I'm easily impressed by the man. =)

City Streets.There is much money to be spent fun to be had on Michigan Ave. (aka. The Magnificent Mile)
Lots of stores, lots of people, Water Tower, John Hancock.



And then there's State St. that great street that Frank sings about. ;)


Next we'll do....Things We Can't Afford in Stores We Love.
Super cute skirt... $579.00 (That's dollars, not yen =)
Super pretty dress... $1,200.00

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Moving on....

Food. There are so many good places to eat in Chicago.
The place we had our hearts set on Saturday night was closed for a private event.

When I tried to make a reservation, I told the man on the phone that I might have been invited to the event...
if he would just tell me what the event was. Through his laughter he said he wasn't buyin it.

Our alternative. A 9:30 dinner reservation at Wildfire. {Equally as good}


Bacon wrapped scallops in an apricot sauce. All I can say is...Wow.


It's perfect being alone with only my husband.
I am so thankful we are spoiled with parents willing to keep our kids for the weekend.
We very much love and appreciate them!

Hope your week is off to a great start.
Happy Monday.

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