Thursday, December 15, 2011

We had..... early lunch of pizza made from bagels.

....story time this afternoon. The Candycane Maker's Gift.

...."fake" tickles for a staged photoshoot created by Sophia. Photographed by Allison.

{My mom taught Alli how to crochet this past weekend...
she made the pink headband/necklace in my hair}

....a good conversation about Jesus.

....a {Slow} Christmas present wrapping session. We're not finished yet.

....a chance to watch some of the Nativity Story..because we've only seen it 2,000 times. ;)
(My girls watch it just so they can see the babies! 2 hours to see 20 seconds of baby Jesus =) sheets put on the beds. This happens every Wednesday in our house.

....dirty laundry baskets carried downstairs by the boys.

.....a hero to kill the big spider in the basement.

....a "Fake" nap. (pictured below =)


...and then a short "real" nap around 4 o'clock. (not pictured ;) of Naked Juice, because it was on sale yesterday and we love it.

.....a couple of arguments about seating arrangements on the couch. We worked it out.

....a fuse pop because I left the heater on that I wasn't supposed to turn on in the first place.
(I forgot. Oops.) time to make chocolate dipped pretzels which was our advent calendar activity for today!
(Guess what we're doing five minutes from now? =)
...a Great day together.

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE homeschooling my kids? I do. =)

Happy Wednesday.

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