Monday, January 23, 2012

Fashion Tip Friday ~

Happy Snowy least to those of you in the Midwest!
Since this morning we've had around an inch an hour fall to the ground.
It is beautiful and peaceful.

For those of you who live in the land of sunshine and warm temps all year long....let me explain.
There are various types of snow that fall.

1. The heavy wet snow. This is good for snowball fights and a snowman in your front yard.

2. The light and fluffy kind...what we're having today,
powdery and soft, you can't pack it. No snowman, but the driveway and porch were easy-breezy-snow-removal.

I hardly shovel anymore since we have boys that take care of it.
We don't even have to mention it anymore, they just know and do the job

Then of course, Hot Chocolate is a must after all that work.
Sammy made a cup for his sister and himself.....


Extras like green sprinkle sugar left over from Christmas sugar cookies
really enhances the hot chocolate experience. =)

So would you guys mind if I was lazy this Friday and did a little plagiarism?
I didn't think so. =)

Found this fun little bit Here, thought I'd share.

10 Ways to Wake Up Prettier.

1. Braid wet hair for nice morning waves.Old school tip for a reason, it works!

2.Try an overnight treatment.
Use Frownies Facial Patches ($20 per box, to reduce movement during sleep so you’re less likely to crease skin, says dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D.

3.Moisturize Everywhere.Your elbows, your knees, your toes, Everywhere!
(Liz here ~ Eucerin works Great. It's greasy when you first apply,
but once your skin absorbs it, you will be so soft! =)

4. Protect your blowout.
Flip hair upside-down, pull into a high pony and secure with a terry hair tie.
(Hi, Liz again...I do this in my hair every night. It helps keep it styled if you don't want to wash it the next day =)

5. Swipe on Essential Oils.
When you wake up, you’ll look like you’ve had a facial,” says Chanel makeup artist Rachel Goodwin

6. Wear primer over skin care products.Yes, at night! “It allows them to sink in,” says makeup artist Mally Roncal

7. Apply a hairmask.From V05 Hot Oil to the top salon concoctions, no girl’s medicine cabinet is complete without a mask to meet your hair needs.
(Yep, me one more time....check out different at home natural ways to make your own hair mask....
Coconut Oil is good and smells Wonderful! =)

8.Try a new kind of washcloth.
Use an electronic complexion brush; your makeup will look better in the A.M.

9. Self tan.
Take your time and wake up glow-ier.
(Just make sure you don't turn yourself orange and fake!)
10. Change your pillowcase.Sleep on satin for smoother hair.

I'm going to add one more tip...drink a glass of water before bed.
And...there you have it.

Here's to a Good Weekend and Prettier Mornings.

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