Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Small Issue.

I was busy today. Rearranging furniture, washing floors, scrubbing everything down...
you know, the usual "I just got over being sick and now we have to get this house back in order!" syndrome. =)

In an attempt to get my cookbooks organized, I realized that I not only inherited my Mother's curly hair,
but also her "You never know when you're going to need it" cookbook mentality.

45. That is the number of cookbooks I own. 45! ~
this is not including my recipe box or the binder of recipes passed down from my Grandma.
OR all the cooking magazines that are stashed in the cabinet.

Am I really going to use 9,000 different ideas from Gooseberry Patch?
Do I Want to make 400 different soups?

The two books we use the most....
The Basics and More Cookbook. Given to me by my Mom in 1999.


Joy of Cooking. All About Breakfast.
Purchased by Jeff at Barnes & Noble a while back. He is the one who actually uses it all the time.


These next two...Hahahaha!!! I can't stop myself from laughing!!!!!Wholesome SUGARFREE cooking...what was I thinking when I wasted THAT $12?!
(Ok, I have made a couple things out of the sugarfree book..and they were delicious. ;)

I'm thinking I need to pare down here.
I like having them just in case...and I do occasionally look through and try new things,
but they are a space taker upper.

It's not only cookbooks's all books I have a hard time getting rid of.

Thinking I need to deal with my small "inherited" issue here.
In the meantime, if you need a recipe idea, you know how to get a hold of me! =)

Time to get out in the SNOW and shovel with my kids!
Yes, I said Snow! We Finally have snow around here!!!
Happy Thursday to ya!

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