Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sick and Sunny.

I have been sick all week. Fever. Headache. Sore throat.
Today I am feeling better, but doing any Major job....
for example, making a grilled cheese sandwich is cause for exhaustion. ;)

Weather this week has been just gorgeous and I have been bed.sick.
sulky about missing out on walks and bikerides and hanging laundry on the line like my neighbor!

Fighting an attitude like this...

When really I should be thankful that I have only been sick for a couple of days.
I know so many people in the past year that have been battling bigger issues than my mini-flu-like illness.

(Love candid shots sisters take? Never know when they will come in handy.
Not sure what I was talking about in the above photo. Probably something very important like...
"What do you mean someone ate the last piece of chocolate?" or "No, the man said they were on sale!"

Go ahead, feel free to insert your own one's kind of fun.
Jeff and I were cracking up at my angry eyebrows a minute ago...I think we're a bit slap happy though.
This probably won't be as funny to us in the morning. Ha!)

Today was 53 January.January!This is not normal for us. This time of year we're usually covered in snowy lawns and icy sidewalks.

Since today marks the end of this wonderful spell of pretend spring, we had to take advantage.
Off to the park we went, Mom feeling tired or not.



So glad we went. It was a fun time together....and guess what happens tomorrow?
Snow and Cold. My boys can't wait.

Hope your day was a Grand one.

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