Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fashion Tip Friday ~

Happy Friday everyone.

I turned 35 today. We ate yellow cake with chocolate frosting baked with love by Jeff and my girls. =)
My family came over to celebrate. They just left a little while ago.


Allison asked if I could please, please, please dress like a cowgirl so we could match.
Then she called my sisters and asked them to join us in cowgirl attire.

So I opted out of wearing my grey sweater and jeans. Instead, a denim shirt and plaid flannel skirt is what I wore...
(and my cowboy boots of course. ;)

As birthday traditions go...Jeff took the kids out shopping and they alone without help from their father chose my gifts.
I recieved lots of candy. a candle. a giftcard to Starbucks. new slippers.and probably my favorite of all...

*Warning : You may want to put sunglasses on for the rest of this post.*
"Certainly Red", purchased by Sophia with "some" of her own money. WOW.

January6c January6d

Of course it was too beautiful Not to share with all the other ladies in the family....
{The red is the real deal here folks! No boosting of color.} My sister in law Rachel, me and my sister Gianna.


I do love that Sophia put thought into the gift. I also Loved how excited she was to give it to me.
Not sure if I'll be wearing it out on the town though???

So as far as a fashion tip for this week....What do you think of bold colors on the lips? Would you wear "Certainly Red"?
Happy Weekend.

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