Friday, January 6, 2012

Product of China.

Yesterday I was at Target with my kids.
We were picking up a few things in the grocery department.

Allison and Sam asked if we could get peaches in a can.
(Since their mom didn't can this year...but Hey! we have a freezer full of them.
And, I'll be honest...I HATE canning peaches! It takes soo long and everything is sticky.
I'd rather buy a can here and there throughout the winter.)
I picked up the Market Pantry brand since they were 50 cents cheaper than the other brands.
I looked at the label. The all natural, no sugar added peaches I was about to put into my cart....Product of China.

The same thing happened with a clove of garlic. I had to go to a different grocery store to find garlic grown in the USA.
FYI. Lots of stores carry garlic from China.


Now, just because something is grown in China, does that mean it's not good for us?
Not necessarily, but how do we know? We don't.

I am very, VERY much for buying local.
Yes I am a little bias because we sell at Farmer's Markets, but that is one of the reasons I love doing it so much.

It is a great feeling to provide consumers with products that we can honestly say are good quality.
We are able to tell them where the vegetable was grown,
how the vegetable was grown and what it was sprayed (or not! sprayed) with.

sophia picking beans

Ok, I'm bunny trailing....I get caught up in market talk and it's January, I still have a while until Summer. =)

Buying from China is not good for our economy.
I put the can back and looked until I found a label that said Product of USA.
It cost an extra 90 cents, but it was worth it to me.

We as a country NEED to support our own.

Alex watering veggies
So..check your labels!!! I'm telling ya, you're going to be very surprised.
Ok. Stepping down from soapbox now.

Happy Thursday.

P.S. The song playing {Expressions} is one of my son's favorites...we are Helen Jane Long fans the two of us. =)
She is a very talented pianist. Enjoy.

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