Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Word of God.
So much power in the words that fill the pages.
How Blessed we are to have this book at our disposal. To read whenever we want.

6,909 languages spoken in the world.
Only 438 have a written Bible.

How sad that so many who call themselves Christians in America have dusty Bibles,
when so many without would do anything for just one book, just one Psalm.

Do you read to your children? Do they love to hear His word aloud?
Do you read quietly each day to yourself? Do you take time to get to know God?
If Not. You should. You're really missing out!


Devotionals. Biographies. Missionary Stories.....all good, but NOTHING beats the Word of God!

Hope you're having a Lovely day.
Happy Wednesday to you.

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