Monday, January 16, 2012

Worth the Splurge.

A list of things I really like. =)
Some a bit pricey...all worth it.

Remember, all of these things can be found used on ebay, in thriftstores, goodwill.....etc.
{My favorite way to shop!}
Well, except for maybe #3.

1. Measuring Cups from Anthropologie.
Originally $32, worth the splurge even if you don't find them on sale like I did. ;)
They make measuring much more fun. AND...they look pretty on the counter.


2. My ghd styling stick .Purchased two and a half years ago for $199. {yeah, it was expensive} It not only straightens, but curls.
Heats up in less than 20 seconds....used almost every single day since I've bought it.
Not only on myself, but my girls too. Fun fact, the curls also last for a couple days!
I think I'm at around $.40 per use now....I'd buy it again.

3. Purex Crystals.
The BEST invention for laundry since the washing machine, says Liz.
Purchased only because I had a coupon for a free bottle, then I was hooked.
If you love a pretty and fresh smell in your clean clothes, this is a must buy.
$3.99 at Target ~ Three different varieties.

4. Dansko Sandals.You seriously could run a marathon with these on and your feet would think
you were wearing Nikes!

Prices vary depending on where you get them.
I own these in brown...Love them! Can't wait for summer to come around again.

5. Undershirts for my girls from hannaAndersson.
When it comes to less is more, these are one of those things you want to consider.
(My mother in law found brand new ones at a thrift store...
I love Hannah, but probably wouldn't have spent $10 on undershirts. Now I would.)

As long as you keep up with laundry, you don't need more than two or three.
The shirts they had as toddlers made it through both girls, worn almost daily...they look and feel brand new!
These shirts hold their shape, their feel and look.

It's like Magic Cotton. =)
You will be quite pleased with the quality.

So there you have it. My top 5 for the day.
Happy Monday to you.

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