Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Concerning my kitchen. He said he was being a realist.

A Realist? Pessimistic people call themselves "realists". He was being pessimistic.
I said he needed to be more me. See me smiling?
Five minutes with my new Country Living magazine, that's all it would take I told him.

He said it entailed a lot more work than I thought.
Again...peeeeeessimismmmmm. I said we could wrap this project up in an afternoon...he said days.

Then he started with all this negative talk.... things like the cost of my little idea. {emphasis on little}
What does my carpenter/contractor/construction business owning husband know?
So he's built and remodeled billions of kitchens over the last 18 years....yeah, yeah.
I've been to The Home Depot too, I know how much paint costs. Psh.

I made a list of what I thought were the necessary steps to painting the ugly kitchen cabinets.
1. Wash and sand them down a little.
2. Buy paint with primer in it. Two coats. Voila! The job is complete.

His list was a little different than mine.

It involved things like removing drawers, emptying cabinets, (whoops, hadn't thought about that) lots of sanding, oil based primer SEPARATE from the paint! wood filler, mineral spirits...the list went on and on.

My dining room this morning.
{Not pictured..the school room, half the kitchen and some of the living room. Yikes! It's a mess here!}

Friday evening I am hosting a personal shower for my bride to be sister.
Tomorrow we'll be gone half the day at a 4th of July party.
That gives me....not so much time to finish.

Am I stressed? I don't think so.
Jeff did mention {while laughing} something about the attitude he thinks I may have Friday afternoon before the Party. Ha! Again...negative talk. ;)

Finally if you have followed my other blog for a while you may have heard me complain a time or two or twenty about the gargantuous microwave the previous owner so kindly left behind for us. {11 years ago}

Guess what? It's Gone! Oh Glorious Day! Hallelujah! It's GONE!!!
My hero removed the 3 ton white mammoth yesterday afternoon..
For this I would give him the world. Yep, that's all it took. ;)

Off to sand and mineral spirit and prime and paint and clean and and and.....
Happy day to you.


  1. ha. this is so great. love it! hope your project goes well!!!

  2. Scott refinished our kitchen cabinets using Rustoleum cabinet transformation. I absolutely LOVE them now! Hope yours turn out great!
    We are moving in 3 weeks to a 94 year old house and I cannot wait to start fixing it up!

  3. I am laughing so hard!! This sounds SO much like me and my carpenter husband, it just kills me! :) I am so excited about your new kitchen!! You will be SO happy you did it! And, it's so fun to see the changes that you won't be stressed, you'll be so happy. :) Here's cheers to painting going even better and faster than you hoped! xoxo

  4. It's still pretty handy to have a carpenter husband, I would think. ;)

    Also I'm a little mad that you look cute in that mask. It should make people look ugly, but no, not YOU! UGH.

  5. That's so funny. I think by the time guys are done at work, the last thing they want is a home project:) at least that's Beeexperience:)

  6. I'm hoping there's plenty of before an afters. just sayin':-)

  7. Hmm. Maybe I should have married a carpenter. We went with the 2 coats of paint with primer and it did not turn out so well. I am constantly dealing with nicks and scratches. I'm sure my hubby will be excited to repaint and try your formula. (read in your best sarcastic voice!)

  8. "She said, He said" LOL I can totally relate to the cupboard contents everywhere.....I still haven't put everything back!

    Can't wait to see the finished project!

    RYC: thanks for the link to above rubies!