Monday, July 1, 2013

What we have done. are and will be doing.

Have had...
...lots of people visiting our house lately.
...two cases of poison ivy. (boys ;)
...SO much rain! so many thunderstorms. and really cool temperatures this summer. with cousins yesterday afternoon.

Are and will be doing..... again. I'm not so busy though. Only one market on Friday and filling in when someone needs help.
{as much as I love them, with Jeff's busy work schedule, our family needs the break this summer} sister's personal shower at my house this Friday night. Her wedding is less than two weeks away!!! :)

Today I started washing clothes, windows and floors at 6:30am. It's been a productive morning here.
The windows are open, the temperature is 74 and the sun is shining like the star it is.

Mondays are usually the dreaded day of the week....but for some reason, in the summer they aren't so bad.
Hope yours is a blessed one.

*If you feel like complaining today, check this article out.

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  1. all loveliness!

    i'm finishing up my cuppa coffee and then headed out the door to the library----A.LONE.