Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She's Married.

I had no camera. No camera! at my sister's wedding. It was left behind at the church.
All pictures here taken with my iphone. 

A few facts about the day.

~ Her wedding party consisted of...
11 Bridesmaids, 3 Jr. Bridesmaids, 11 Groomsmen, 10 Flower Girls
1 Ring Bearer, 1 Miniature Bride, 2 Ushers
39 people total.

~ It was a beautiful outside.
The first wedding in our family that didn't involve rain or drizzle.

~ My Grandma baked the entire sweet table herself.
She has done this for all her grandchildren's weddings.
Billions of her Italian cookies on display. 

~The reception took place in a gorgeous, old building.
I want to live in it! Oh I want to live in it so badly...{I wasn't the only one who said this.}
They say the building is haunted...OOoooOOAAaaaahhhAAHhhoOO...we didn't see any ghosts. ;)

~There was a separate room for hors d'oeuvres,
 you had to walk through an old elevator shaft to get to the dining hall.

~ My sister made her own bridal bouquet.
Her friend Stephanie made all of the bridesmaid bouquets...they were absolutely gorgeous! 


{the hired help ^^^ working hard}

{Can you see why I want to live here? }

~ We took pictures at an old airport my sister loves.

Late in the evening, right before my sister left for her honeymoon.
Such a beautiful bride she was....I can't believe she's married.

~ Dancing to The Tarantella and other old Italian songs, the little girls had a ball.

~ The {very handsome} DJ for the evening...along with his little nephew apprentice.

I love weddings. They are a lot of work, they can be stressful, but always so much fun.
I'm so happy for my sister and her new husband as they start this blessed adventure together.


  1. What a beautiful wedding and location and colors and EVERYTHING!! What a gorgeous place for the reception! It looks like a dream! Her bridal party reminds me of mine - I had a HUGE bridal party and so many little flower girls and boys. :) I just had so many people I wanted to include I didn't know who to cut out! :)You looked lovely as could be, Liz! Family weddings are so super busy, but they are also so super super fun!

  2. It's so beautiful! Can I live there too with you?? And hey, I bet my Iphone photography skills woulda been handy, huh?

  3. Everything turned out so beautifully. What a fairy tale, dream come true wedding. You look so cute Liz!!

  4. ohmygoodness! I CANNOT wait to see more! MORE! that old building. the people. the clothes. all so pretty.

    and to have a family like that; the baking grandma and all those siblings and kids and Italian dancing... so happy for you all.

    i'm looking forward to catching up with you on your blog. it seems like forever... miss ya. hope that you are having a great summer!

  5. Oh, the best of times. Family, food, music ( I can see why you loved the DJ) , dancing, pretty clothes...it all looks great. I too will look forward to more pictures!!!

  6. It looks gorgeous and sounds like it was a huge wonderful celebration!

  7. what a beautiful wedding, I love the picture with all the tiny lights. that sucks taht you left your camera at the church, but your phone took some great pictures :)

    Em K

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