Friday, July 19, 2013

Fashion Tip Friday ~

It has been a thousand degrees everyday this week. Hot, hot, hot and more hot.
My son was wearing a dark grey thermal shirt outside, the heat index was 200.
My neighbor asked "Doesn't your mom do your laundry?"
My son's reply...."Actually.....I have no clean short sleeved shirts."

Ding! Ding! Ding! And the mother of the year award goes to....

Oops. Somehow his laundry basket was passed over for quite some time.
And why didn't his mother ask about the thermal shirt? Sheesh!
Being gone all last week helping with my sister's wedding and busy the week before that,
my poor house and gardens (and son's dirty clothes!) have been neglected.

This was the week of catching up on laundry and weeding and trimming herbs.
It's also been the week of....
....finding our first cucumber, eating our first 3 cherry tomatoes, getting blueberries.
One of my favorite parts of summer. Pounds and pounds in the freezer for winter.

Last night we baked our first blueberry pie of the season.
We also made a blueberry crisp which made our house smell like October.
But I am pushing those fall thoughts out of my mind and focusing on fresh squeezed lemonade. ;)

Onto the fashion tip.
I really don't have one today, so I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite items concerning fashion...since it is Friday and all.

If I had an endless amount of funds to shop online today,
My closet would boast 100 dresses from here.

This would keep me warm on those upcoming crisp fall days.
(Did I not just say I was pushing fall thoughts out of my mind?)

I would order some cute new sandals from here.
{If you need or want new flats, these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned!}

Happy Friday.


  1. I found a cute car-coat length trench coat on ebay for not much at all, you may enjoy trying ebay. I also saw those short one in lands end catalogue but still too much moola for me. ; )

    I do like those dresses too on modcloth, I wish my sewing skills were up to snuff!

    Your kitchen has the same color cabinets and knobs as mine, I like the colored dishes too, so homie.

    Have a nice week Elizabeth! : )

  2. Don't you just look adorable. Not fair. My hair is in a dumb place right now, so we're in the pull it back or ponytail it season until a haircut arrives or longer hair appears. :(

    Probably even if there was clean tshirts he would have picked a thermal, right? Boys do weird stuff like that.

  3. LOVE that you grow all that and can freeze it, maybe one day (when I don't live in a city with concrete as a backyard) I'll have to get pointers :) Much love!!

  4. I love the picture. Did you hear? There is new shade of fiesta blue out. I haven't gotten any yet, but I do need a few more luncheon plates....

    Loved the links. I want more info on the most comfortable flats. Can you wear them without socks?

  5. Short trench in red orange -- Yes please! If I purchased that I would say "Bring on fall!" And blueberry pies. I wish we had plethora to pick. I would load up. Blueberries are awesome. We are just entering into the wild blackberries season right now.

  6. i'm wondering how I can get that $795 navy trench coat without anyone noticing the disappearing funds. ;) it would look great with tons of things, like everything. so I wouldn't need anything else after that. i'm sure. except maybe the ballet flats.

    now that you have me thinking about FALL,(I am not ready for school and all that it demands) love fall/winter clothes best.

    and blueberry crisp. :)