Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Did you know if your sister-in-law takes your kids for a couple days....

{a few of life's little happenings from the iphone}

....and your husband is working really late,
your house will stay clean?
you will be able to write a new song in about an hour?
you can eat whatever you want at whatever time you want?
you can read through an entire magazine in one sitting...yes, one sitting?

Just make sure you don't watch a scary movie preview. That would Not! be a good idea.
If you do, just turn on all the lights in your downstairs and turn on music....loud. ;)

Happy Evening to you.


  1. You can NOT watch scary movie previews, I agree!

    I love reading a whole magazine in one sitting. That's pretty cool.

  2. lots of lovely snapshots of life. your hair is just plain awesome.
    jenny :)

  3. It all sounds SO lovely, and my goodness, what an amazing sister-in-law you have to do that for you!! I cannot imagine how wonderful that would be! :) SO happy for you. And, I'd love to hear your song!! xoxo

  4. YOU lucky duck! :) All those things sound delightful.
    RYC: I figured out how to add a "reply" tag under the comments on my blog (search blogger and you'll get help) but I have no clue if people get the replies. On Xanga, I would get an email notification if someone replied to a comment. Thanks for the extra info on the darling flats.