Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Train schedules can be tricky.

You're probably wondering why this family is wearing sweaters and layers
as they take the train into Chicago in the month of July?

Because the temperature was 59!!! degrees when we left the house.
The high for the day was 61. We broke cold temperature records this past weekend.

The kids were happy to take the train. It's a longer ride than driving, because of the all the stops...
but sometimes it's easier...which was the case this weekend.

An added bonus...while we were getting out of our car, someone gave us their passes!
We only had to buy one more ticket. Our commute into the city cost a whopping total of $7.

Hello people in tiny {from my view} glass boxes 1,400 feet up in the air.
{It's the Sears Tower..not the Willis, I'm sticking to it.}

So Blessed! that my friend Cynthia and her family came into Chicago for a visit.
It was nice to see her..even if it was only for a short while.
They are such an incredible family! She is such an incredible woman. She really is.

{A girl and her mom from London kindly took our picture...can you tell?
It has a little bit of a British flair, don't you think?}

Of course the Bean, I mean, you're in Chicago, how can you not?

And pictured below is what the train station looked like at 12:09am Monday morning.
Just a few hours later and the halls would be bustling with thousands of people coming and going. But at 12:09, it was very quiet, and we explored and drank water and ate popcorn while we waited.

We weren't supposed to be here at 12:09, we were supposed to be in bed...asleep.
Jeff needed to wake up at 4:00am. I think he may have mentioned this to me once or twice.

Apparently you not only have to look at the time the train leaves the city,
but also the time that it arrives at your destination. Oops.
Reading the correct day is also helpful...say Sunday instead of a weekday.

We've ridden it a thousand times..not sure what happened to my little eyes, it was their fault.
We did arrive home safely...at 3:00am.  Thankfully he still loves me. ;)

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE this city?
Well, I do. XxOo


  1. I'm holding back my jealousy about your friend visit right now, just FYI.

    I bet the City is a little bit cooler when you've gotten to see it at that late night hour when not as many people are around. It's like it put on it's comfy pajamas and you were on a sleepover, getting to see the side that not as many others see.

    Apparently, it's whimsical Tuesday.

    Anyway, looks awesome. I hope Jeff made it through Monday okay, and the rest of ya'll!

  2. Ditto what Beth said! How FUN!!! I would love to visit Chicago! Looks great. I'm a bit far away, though ;)

  3. Hey, how did you get Cindy to visit you and she didn't even stop to say "hi" to me!! no fair!

    i think cities are even more fascinating at night. i hope someday i get to visit chicago, the good parts, and see why you love it so much :)

  4. Oh how fun! I just wish I could meet all of you. I love Chicago. I think we are going to make a fall trip for our anniversary this year. I have a cousin that way now + one of my youth group girls is going to college near there as well and we promised to come visit. When we went before we rode the train.

  5. No way, you got to take a day trip to Chicago AND see Cindy?!? That is just WAY TOO MUCH AWESOME right there. WAY too much!! Wow. I'm super duper green jealous, all the way, of both things! :) But oh no, getting home at 3am? That just cracked me up, and I laughed out loud! Good way to make memories, you know, when something unexpected happens? :) xoxo

  6. ok.. i just saw on fb that cindy is at audrey's house! and she came through there too? sheesh. i need to get canada more in the line of tourist attractions. ;))

    so great you two got to see each other. and i LOVE that city too~

  7. I HAVE heard something about train schedules recently... and made a handwritten note to remind myself of the importance of checking them on paper, vs iphone. ;)

    that city of yours is AWESOME and
    your enthusiasm was so fun! we loved our walking tour, the food and spending time with you and your family. some of our trip highlights for sure! xoxo

  8. This makes me want to go to the city! Glad to be following you again..... Had the weirdest trouble finding and following. All good now!