Monday, September 9, 2013

A sampling picture and a little bit of nothing important.

Hey Sam, why don't you go and sample corn to the fine people of the market, said the father to his son.

This picture is a true story, no posing. He's usually a sampling machine, but this day....
A. He looks like an advertisement for childhood entertainment...Batman hat, Minecraft shirt.
B. He's not sampling, he's looking at.....birds? planes? Superman?

The orchard is open now, which means....
 I have to start working out to burn off all the
doughnut, corn salsa, hot cider, taffy apple, (insert other tasty fall foods here) calories.
Living 5 minutes....The temptation is just too much for my undisciplined personality!

We started school today.  It was the first day, so of course, Everyone Loves Math!!! {Ha!}
Tomorrow we're taking our first field trip. To the very educational beach. ;)

The weather is going to be superb. 95 and sunny.
Friday is supposed to be we're taking the beach while we can.
Plus..the beach is a great morning motivator! Work will be finished quickly I'm sure.

Finally, if you still have cucumbers growing (or not :)....these were incredible!

Here  is the recipe.
I changed a couple of things though...I used blue cheese (they were out of feta at the farmer's market)
Also, I used sun dried tomatoes AND peppers.
Oh...and I didn't roll them like the picture in the link.
My cucumbers weren't slicing nicely, so I gave up and put the mixture on top.
Definitely, definitely a recipe worth trying.

Hope your Monday was a great one.
Happy Evening to you.


  1. ah, the orchard is open again!! i'm excited with you and feel like it should be down the road from me as well.. i've listened. read. gawked. salivated. watched. all these years now as you post about it!!! ;))

    sam is hilarious and have so much fun at the beach - that's probably what i miss most about homeschooling.. the field trips!!!


  2. too funny about Sam! I love that, I totally thought he was posing.

    The orchard stuff looks amazing. I had a big greasy cider donut this weekend and gained five pounds (LOL) so I'm with you on the working out.

    Love your pictures, as always!


  3. oooooh, you make that farm sound so dreamy!! i want to go and have cider donuts and all kinds of yummy food too!!

    and sam is too funny! have fun on the field trip tomorrow! :) those beach days are so fun. we don't have snow days here, but we sure do have beach days. :) xoxo