Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend...a few days later.

There were farmer's markets.
There was the apple orchard.
There was a pig roast out at my brother and sister-in-love's house.

We sold. We played. We ate.
Yeah...that pretty much sums up our Labor Day weekend.

This is the last week before we begin our school year.
I should be getting lesson plans finalized..but hey, that's what Sunday night will be for, right?
For now I have pressing matters to tend to...
like repainting the school room and hanging up pictures of classical composers.

Happy Day to you.


  1. I still believe your family is made up of models you found and hired to be a pretend family. Just, FYI.

    Love that little chicken coop.

  2. sounds and looks like a perfect weekend. I think the chickens want to join the fun!
    We are going through paperwork here, and trying to weed out. Then I am going to organize books, and hope that we get to do some "post homeschooling" with David as he recovers. Fun stuff...good books, music, art, science.

  3. I agree with Beth, you have such a gorgeous family! At our family reunion last weekend there were several with yellow teeth and big beer bellies! LOL We love them.

    The chicken coop is perfect! I looked the longest at that picture.

    Happy day to you, Lizzie!