Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bits from my summer kitchen.

Dried flowers. Red onion from the farmer's market.
Heirloom beans from the garden. Homemade peach butter.
The one who shucked the corn and mixed the cookie batter.

I'm not ready for summer to end.
Usually I look forward to fall...but all I keep thinking about are the things I still want to do!
The beach, the garden, the walks, the tomatoes, the warm sunshine....

*Don't be alarmed if next week I write how excited I am for scarves and boots and applesauce ;) *
Happy Summer to you.


  1. I hope summer lasts a long time yet- I have so much to do before it's cold!!

  2. I bet we'd have lots of fun if I hung out in your kitchen. Any season.

  3. bits of happiness right here. xoxo

  4. I just love posts like this, so beautiful and homey. I understand about the seasons, too, I feel like I am in limbo..sad to see summer end but looking forward to my favorite season, too.

    Happy Summering!

  5. I am hanging onto this summer this year as well. It seems that it flew by at record speed. Loved this post and the pictures!

  6. I don't want summer to end either :). Your girls are beautiful!