Monday, August 26, 2013

We're not sharpening pencils here.... least not for another two weeks. ;)

There was a warmer shift this end of August...90's all week long!
Were we not just wearing sweaters and layers in July?!

So while everyone else is sharpening pencils and waking early and feeling fall-ish,
we'll be swimming and bike riding and eating popsicles and drinking lemonade and picking tomatoes.
Summer is short..we like to stretch it as long as possible around here.

Happy Monday, Happy First Day of School to those going back and Happy Summer by the Pool for us!


  1. This is our second week back to school here. But it's still in the 90's so it's like a farce!

  2. Yay, for you guys. It is nice to enjoy every moment. I remember a lot of beach going even after we started school. Of course September is usually hotter than summer months. Hope you have some really nice days!

  3. I wish people around here would start school later. TN started the end of JULY! We just started last week but I still wish it was summer break.

  4. Oh the joys of homeschooling and the flexible schedule!! Good idea to take advantage of the gorgeous weather to extend summertime. I'm sure it wasn't a hard decision. :)
    Your son is getting tall!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful and look so fun! Summer makes for the best memories, I think.

    And yay for the perks of homeschooling! We may not get snow days, but we sure can get summer days! :)

    Happy Tuesday, my beautiful friend!

  6. Since our kids are all grown we don't worry about school here anymore -- we enjoy summer as long as we can get it -- going to the beach in a couple of weeks! Love all your summer activities and your canned products on the shelf look so inviting!