Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hailing Cabs in Chicago 101.

It was Julie's first time visiting Chicago.
My sister's lovely friend up from Florida....never before had a ride in a Taxi Cab.
To give her the full Midwest experience...we step by step taught her how to hail one.

Because...Not just anyone can do it. It takes skill. Technique. It's all about the motion in the wrist.

She caught on quickly....She did Fantastic!
Ever need to hail a cab in the Julie. ;)

Oh I love you in all your Fall-ish glory.
and I love you too.

So much to be thankful for.
In a world that distracts and causes discontent...remember all you have to be thankful for.
You can find blessings in the smallest of details.


  1. Fun! And you ladies are all beautiful. ~Luci~

  2. Ah. Like I told you; I so wish we could come visit!
    I'm so glad you had a fun time yesterday!!

  3. You and your sisters are just SO MUCH FUN!! Those first pictures are so great! I mean, seriously, I don't know of anyone else I'd rather visit Chicago with. Your sister's friend is lucky indeed! :) It makes me wish we could do the FFE trip as planned... So sad it's not working for me and others! But we will!! oneday! :)

  4. Miss this city and you! Hope spring works out for a visit. xo I hailed my first cab in NYC last weekend - I felt so grown up! Haha.

  5. How fun and you are too pretty! Cute pictures! Love the city of Chicago! I spent a few months living in Skokie and enjoyed Chicago!


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  8. It looks like your sister had a wonderful time on Chicago! And how sweet of you to teach her how to hail a cab. And I agree; it’s not really that easy to hail a cab, especially on rush hours. That’s one reason why some call a cab service instead. But with your help, she probably won’t take this as a problem because she now knows the technique.

    Grady Mann @ Downtown Yellow Taxi