Monday, September 16, 2013

Sometimes I just roll my eyes.

My eleven year old son turned in a paper written in Elvish.
I'm glad he is choosing to learn a foreign language...too bad it's one not relevant in the REAL world!
{mom rolls eyes}

When asked at the beginning of our lesson why studying history is important?

Child #1
"So we can learn from others. Learn about the things they did right and also learn from their mistakes.
It's also interesting to learn everything that happened in the past."
Child #2
"So we can answer when people ask us history questions...
there really isn't any other reason to learn this."
Child #3
" make our ancestors proud."

So glad we instilled a love of learning in ALL of our children. {mom rolls eyes}
I'll attribute the last two answers to it being Monday. Ha! {again, mom rolls eyes}

Don't get discouraged homeschooling moms. Every mom will at times feel like she's failing.
But there is a bigger picture...and that is what you need to focus on.
As my mom always says...Stay the course!

Someday they will love history. or not...that's okay too.
We all don't have to have a passion for the same things.
However, it IS important to know why studying history is important! {mom rolls eyes one more time}

Today is a perfectly perfect pre-fall day. 68. Sunny.
We are having vegetable soup and homemade breadsticks for dinner.
I'm resisting the urge to pull out the fall decor. Just a few more days..I can wait, I can wait, I can wait...
Okay, maybe just one little fall-ish something put on the table. Maybe.

Hope your week was off to a great start.
Happy Monday. XxOo


  1. Thank you for the smiles and chuckles. My son proudly told me about all the things he learned in in his first History class in college that "we never covered". When I asked what they were it was hard not to pull out all the books we read on those years. Of course this child also seems to have blanked out most memories of his happy childhood, but is currently getting straight A's in Med school...go figure.

  2. So dear! I love the things children come up with!

    Love the pics!

  3. laughing because just the other day ben was telling me i rolled my eyes at something he said - i was arguing that i did not.. i must do it so much i don't even notice now. ;))

    love seeing all the pics of your everyday lives~ miss you guys and think of that visit often at our place and wish for another!! canada is pretty in the fall, ya know..


  4. Heartwarming and cute! I cannot wait for my 2 - year old to grow up so I can share all these lovely moments with him! God Bless you and your lovely family. Best wishes!