Friday, October 25, 2013

Fashion Tip Friday {The Sister- in- Love Edition}

Who has the greatest sister in law ever? Me!
A couple of weeks ago I had a casual conversation with Rachel.
We talked about shoes. It was a short chat.
She told me about the boots she had just ordered. I told her about the ones I wanted.
Our kids were playing in the front yard at the time...husbands were talking boring computer stuff...
We left soon after and never spoke of boots again.

They weren't the cheapest things in the world and now is not the time for me to shoe splurge.
So I put them out of my head.

But Rachel didn't! Guess what came in the mail yesterday?
Yep. Dear, Sweet Rachel for no other reason except to be nice had a pair shipped to my house.

Boot season is in full swing. I thought I'd write about them.
However, I found this site and the twenty-something's opinion aligns perfectly with mine. ;)
She said everything I wanted to say and with pictures. Check out her fabulous boot advice.

Tonight Jeff and I are going on a date. It's my turn to plan.
I found a groupon for this little Mediterranean place we've been wanting to try.
Jeff doesn't know yet, so Shhhhh....

How about you? Busy weekend? Date night? Laying low?
Happy Friday XxOo


  1. wow. yes, i would say that counts as the best sister in law!
    our weekend? no date night. =(
    working and more working.
    hope your date night is awesome and the rest of your weekend too!

  2. oh....lucky lucky YOU!they are adorable!! you deserve them.

    jealous of your date night...have fun!!

  3. those boots are totally adorable!!
    after reading the link you posted, my interest in the ankle boots has been piqued. I'm just wondering, if worn w/ a skirt in the winter, what does one wear on their chilly white legs? is it ok to wear tights w/ them? I tried some on at the mall tonight and kinda like them, but have no idea where to go w/ them, and skirts....

  4. super cute! short boots are all the rage, eh?

    and oh my word.. i want your inlaws!! they're awesome! ;))