Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fashion Tip Friday ~

{the Saturday morning edition}
Now that farmer's markets have ended...I am around on Fridays.
{Except on busy days at the apple orchard near my house when they ask if I can fill in....
which was this Friday, which is why this post wasn't published until today. ;)
So back!...are Fashion Tip Fridays.

Today's topic...Children's clothing.
How can you make your kids look nice without breaking the bank?

This store is one of my absolute favorites.
Not just for my kids, my whole family actually.

But last fall when I made a list and added up all that I wanted to purchase,
{coats and a couple of dresses} my total came to over $9,000.

This coat for example.... $7,000!
One Christmas walk around the city sipping hot've just blown a lot of money.

While I drool and wish over these clothes..they are just not practical. and quiet honestly a waste of money. There is so much more one can do with 7K than purchase a coat for a child.

But what is it about these clothes and these clothes that I like so much?
It's their classic style I like. the preppy look they have about them. the crisp, clean feel they have.

I can't afford to drop a few thousand dollars on my family's closet each season.
So what is one to do?

Be a copycat.
Take the style you like and find it elsewhere.

I love this trench coat from Burberry for my girls....but I can' afford $850 (x2)
Alternative - Target. $24.99 (x2)

And while this shirt is actually on sale at Ralph Lauren for $27.99 which isn't bad,
my mother in law found one at the resale store {brand new, tags still on it!!!} for only $2!
{Allison is wearing it in the ^^^above photo}

{Remember when we hailed cabs a couple of weeks ago with Julie?
Well..her sister came up for a visit! My girls once again dropped me like a hot potato.
My sister AND a friend of hers who gave them lots of attention!...they were in heaven all day.}

Look through catalogs and pinterest boards for styles that catch your eye...and then try to replicate them.
You don't have to spend a fortune to dress your family well.
You just need to have patience and the willingness to search. Even online.
My sister in law doesn't have the time to scour resale stores..but she does find fantastic deals on ebay!

This week Chicago was gorgeous. Perfect weather...I just love the city in the fall.
I may have mentioned this before? ;)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.


  1. I love this post!! I love how you dress your girls :) ... Could I make a request that you write a post on the music that you enjoy. My favorite music that I listen to is from you, like JJ Heller.... could you share more of that sweet soft Christian music that you listen to that I never hear on the radio!??!? :) I sooooo want to find more music like that! :)

  2. I found your lovely blog again. It was so good to 'catch' up with you and see all your gorgeous pictures. Somehow I haven't been able to find a subscribe button anywhere. What am I missing?

  3. Pretty sure I won't be buying off the link you gave... unless the pot of gold ends in the back yard. :)

  4. Yay for fashion Fridays!
    Yes, getting inspiration and then buying looks similar elsewhere. The way to go.
    Happy weekend my friend! <3

  5. I thought your girls couldn't get cuter, but gee, all the time! Love your fashion tip. I love to look through catalogs and then try to put together similar looks with what I already have. Happy Fall!

  6. Oh...fall in Chicago and fashion tip Friday and you...everything lovely! So great to read your blog. Love u....head on over to WordPress soon. ;)

  7. Yeah that Fashion Tip Friday is back! I by no means am savvy with fashion so a lot of the times I look at websites and catalogs to figure what I like and what looks good together. Mannequins are great as well. Pinterest has also helped me a ton. I'm seeing a fashion contest in the near future? This outfit and then see if we can pull it off cheaper and send in our pictures?!

  8. You do such a good job, mama, of dressing your offspring well. Thank you for the tips. I also love Target and shopping for deals!

  9. That’s so sweet of you, Elizabeth. It’s good that you’re teaching your child how to dress up properly at a very young age. By doing so, you’re not only teaching her how to embrace fashion, but build up her confidence as well.