Monday, November 11, 2013

I'll join all the others....

...and write a misc. Monday. :)


The chaotic sound of warming up strings makes my heart skip a beat.
John Williams was a surprise for my second oldest's birthday. He had no idea until we arrived.
"It was probably the best birthday gift ever." said he. This made his mother very happy.

P.S. This ^^^ is where you sit when you are tired at night and decide to....
"just purchase tickets in the morning."  But honestly...we didn't mind the seats at all.

My grandparents put on their traditional Christ-giving dinner on Sunday. {Christmas, Thanksgiving}
We also celebrated my grandmother's 80th and my grandfather's 81st birthdays.

Does she look 80 to you?
I don't think so either!

...and this ^^^ happened today!  They were quite thrilled.

Happy new week to you.


  1. I can't say I would be thrilled with that last happening. Altho my kids are watching the weather like hawks to see if it's gonna hit here. :/

  2. I love that sound of warming up too. What a nice treat. We have sat up high like that before, and it was kind of exciting!
    Your grandmother looks wonderful. All those good genes, and joyful love is my guess.

  3. I LOVE that your son thought a night at the symphony orchestra was the best gift ever!! HOW did you teach him to appreciate things like that, instead of just wanting video games like so many kids his age do??

    Your grandparents look like so much fun, and I don't normally say that about grandparents. :) And no, she doesn't look like 80! Those young genes have been passed down to you to. Please tell me your secret ingredients in your food!! :)

    And SNOW!! AHHHH!! It looks SO beautiful. I can't imagine snow anywhere in the world right now. :)


  4. Loved this post and guess what? After I read it yesterday, we got an Old Sturbridge Village magazine and there was a 2 page article written about Williams receiving the "Ken Burns" award..with an interesting list of his movie music and a Q and A. Did you know he still writes all his music with pencil and paper? No computer?
    Anyway, what are the chances? I kept thinking, "And Liz just saw him perform!"

  5. we used to love going to the symphony in cincy~ one of the best in the country, supposedly. i think it's awesome you've taught your kids to appreciate REAL music. :)) and how cute are your grandparents!!!

    happy monday dear~