Friday, November 8, 2013

Fashion Tip Friday ~

The Dingy White Cami.
You know, the one you bought a year and a half ago, washed and wore 8 million times...
It needs to be replaced. {of course I'm talking to myself}.

Undershirts..a hard thing for me to spend money on.
The reason? There is nothing exciting about them.

I often forget how long it's been.....
until I button up a fresh white blouse and that little dull piece is showing near the top.

Nothing looks worse than a grey-ish, fuzzballed undershirt.
As I run around on this busy Friday I will be picking up a new cami!
If it's been a should do the same.

Wondering where to shop for one? I've compiled a few places for you...
Here {with these prices there is no excuse!}
Here { FYI....prices may vary from store to store}
Here {you're here for a cami, you're here for a cami, you're ONLY here for a cami... stay focused!!!}
Here {there are some really nice ones here if the budget allows}

We have a busy weekend ahead.
A secret outing tomorrow (more about that next week ;)
An early Thanksgiving celebration with my family on Sunday.
My snowbird grandparents are getting ready to leave for their house in Key West soon....
it's the last shindig before they go.

How about you? Busy weekend?
Hope you have a wonderful one whatever your plans.


  1. Thanks Liz, you always make me smile with your cute write ups. Fall is the perfect time for a cami here. It is so hot in the summer I have to look for something to wear on its own!
    Just planting the Fall garden...cauliflower and onions today. Broccoli and cabbage tomorrow. :-)

  2. Hello Elizabeth, A good place for camis for me is the little girls dept. They come up nice and high and are usually even more inexpensive. A size 14/16 works for me. I normally wear a size medium to large in tops.

  3. I absolutely agree! A brownish-yellowish cami under a crisp white shirt simply MUST not be! But it's also the one thing I think I can get by without... And what a timely reminder - that J.Crew is ONLY for camis!!