Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We text at stoplights.

Same Saturday. ^^^
Stuck behind a slow moving farm truck, stuck in Chicago traffic.

Like the weather, everything..Everything in life will eventually be different.

Our marriage has changed. It doesn't work or look the same as it used to.
Returning an overdue redbox and drinking gas station coffee was our date last night.
It's okay. We had fun. We laughed so hard we couldn't breath.

In our home, the children have become omnipresent. They can locate better than Google earth.
Their listening skills when husband and wife speak to each other are impeccable.

We haven't told many people, but we think our kids work for the government.
No, don't laugh..we're serious. They make Big Brother look like an amateur.

So getting out alone, even if it's for cheap and weak gas station coffee is simply wonderful.

We do have one up on them though....
Jeff and I have mastered the fine art of texting. We love modern technology.

We text at stoplights...from driver seat to passenger seat.
We text from opposite ends of the couch. Across the kitchen table. Upstairs to downstairs.
We say whatever we want whenever we want! The entourage can't hear us this way. It's great.
If you don't text your should. It will do wonders for your marriage.

{Yes! We have snow on the ground already.}

Having kids in our house now looks much different than it did five years ago.
There were early bedtimes and evenings alone. Sippy cups and toddler toys.

Things have changed.
The boys are growing into young men and the girls bake brownies by themselves.

This will be the 10th Thanksgiving we're hosting in our home.
Year one I had a six year old, a four year old, a two year old and a four month old baby.
Our youngest wasn't even born yet.

Now I have five helping hands. Holiday preparations are much easier than they used to be.

Today we are all working together to accomplished much.
They are cleaning while I write this blog post...see, Teamwork! ;)

I loved when they were tiny and small...and I love the ages they are now.
I don't want to get caught up in being sad about them growing up.
It's easy to do..especially if one were to turn on home movies. Pass the Kleenex please!

I won't lie....there are days I dream of Jeff and I living in our own apartment on the one millionth floor of a building in the middle of nowhere with a broken elevator that only a Chinese take-out delivery boy can get to work.
....but that's only sometimes.

Mostly I like us being together.
But I know this won't last. These times.

The clock is ticking.
Change will come. Change will happen. I know this.
So today I will be thankful for today. What I have in front of me right now.

{he spent the day with me yesterday....pushing the cart and eating doughnuts}
Happy day before Thanksgiving.


  1. Oh my goodness, another great post! It's already coming to where we can hardly talk to each other without two little sets of ears perking up. Texting is a great idea, even across the room or when driving! :) And good reminder to enjoy TODAY - because yep, there are just a few days when life is rather overwhelming with littles. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear Liz!

  2. This post made me smile. We have pretty much said what we want to say up to this point, in code sometimes ;) but more and more there are things that we shouldn't say in front of the girls, conversations that have to wait for later (which means they sometimes don't happen!), and I am sure it won't be that long until Kierra decodes everything we say, so we'll have to get more creative in communication. We can't text at stoplights, though. We don't have that many of them in our normal traverses!

  3. J and I text each other all the time. And only some of them do we have to erase in case the kids see them. ;)

  4. This reminds me of the other day when I was at my friends house and their whole family has something on their phones where it can locate other family members-probably invented to keep track of teenagers. Well they were actually keeping track of their parents and upon wondering why they still wren't home yet, figured out they had stopped at chickflia :)

  5. yes! is IS so different! there's lots to embrace in this new season... but I sure do miss their early bedtimes. :)seriously, i get every word of this!

    sometimes it's not so disturbing what they hear, as the fact that they will take about three words that they THINK they heard and invent a new reality with 'em. there's that too.

    excellent post, i feel understood!

    happy thanksgiving to you and yours! xo

  6. I LOVE your posts!

    I also love texting jeff, a lot ;)

    happy weekend!

  7. Love it, Liz. There is so much to be thankful for. You are wise to recognize and adjust to the natural changes that the years bring.....
    That was one huge yam!

  8. This is too funny. We have ears all around too so I guess I'll have to start texting him. --I relish those early bedtimes, oh the peace and quiet.