Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013

We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, ate turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie.
Thirty people sat down for dinner after appetizers. It was a day I was truly thankful for.
I love family.

Cousins ^^^
Jeff's birthday was on Thanksgiving..and my little niece (pictured above) had a birthday just a few days before. So we celebrated the two of them too with cupcakes and presents and a song.

....and now! We've moved on to Christmas.
It was -6 with the windchill that day. 
Cold didn't deter anyone in this family from hiking billions of miles to find the perfect tree!

(which is only 80% decorated by the way...because there was this Hallmark movie on... and well...the decorating party ended a tad bit early last night ;)

Spike even joined us...the girls wrapped him in a mitten so he wouldn't get cold. ^^^

The men who cut the tree. ^^^

Now it's Monday.
I'm 100 pounds fatter. Jeff is back at work after 4 days off.  :(
My house is a tad bit *cough* of a disaster. Christmas decor is everywhere.
School needs to be done. Laundry needs to washed...

Off to the routine. Which honestly...I don't mind.
I love my little family, and taking care of them is an honor and a blessing.
Happy new week to you.


  1. That cheese platter looks heavenly! What a fun Thanksgiving, and I love your chalkboard art!

    Merry Christmas Elizabeth!

  2. Hey! Here I am leaving a comment ::mrsjaybook:: :) Love the spread and the chalkboard. Now those are Christmas trees! Out here in California we have a watered-down version of a real tree. hehe Love your coat in that last picture and I am living among crazy chaos and mess myself. Happy Monday to you! xo

  3. It just all looks WAY TOO FUN!! The Thanksgiving appetizer, the chalkboard, the family times, the cutting down of a real tree!! My goodness. This post is like a glimpse from Currier & Ives. :)

  4. Know all about gaining 100lbs!! But it was sooo good. :)

  5. i want to see the 100 pounds heavier picture. =)
    your Thanksgiving sounds and looks truly wonderful. and, your house!! i have GOT to see it in person someday!
    love to you!

  6. Now I want cheese.

    What fun to go pick out a real tree and chop it down. I got mine out of the storage shed off the carport. But hey, it works. Actually it doesn't, some of the lights were out and I ended up stringing a set of lights around the middle of the formerly prelit tree.

    Oh well. I'm coming for Thanksgiving next year, K? Got room for an extra 8 people?

  7. hmm.. left a comment yesterday from my ph but looks like it didn't post! :/
    what i said WAS - -
    i love every bit of this. and YOU!!
    and your last few paragraphs is what i'm doing/ how i feel exactly here.
    though i think i have you beat by about 50 pounds! ;))

  8. Your celebrations are always so beautiful! You are such an awesome hostess!
    I love your comment at the end about taking care of your family being an honor and a blessing- so sweet!

  9. oooooh....moving on to Christmas tree season!! yay for the holidays.

    enjoyed the pictures. family is the best.

  10. Cheese! I love cheese. Your pictures always look so inviting and I want to sneak in and hang out with you for awhile.

    I really am itching to go get our tree. I am hoping this Friday evening.

  11. I'm 100 pounds fatter too!
    Love your posts, always!

  12. We still haven't gotten our tree. I am hoping this weekend!

    Love the cheese table!! :)