Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fashion Tip Friday {The Saturday Edition}

Outside ice is covering everything....even the tiniest of branches. It's beautiful.
Another storm is on it's way...5-10 inches of snow is expected...(we're hoping for the 10 :)

Jeff took our second oldest to work with him today...they're finishing up a project hopefully today.
Three kids are outside playing hockey. Two of us are inside cleaning and laundering the clothes.
My sister is dropping off my cute little nephews in just a little while.

For the most part this weekend we will be tucked in...
....baking cookies, wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies.

As for a Fashion Tip...just a few reminders.

1. Does everyone have tights? Go check now.
2. Give baths the night before Christmas Eve.
3. Get party clothes ready today....put outfits together so you're not scrambling Tuesday.
4. Paint your nails Sunday or Monday they're pretty for the following two days.
5. If you don't have red lipstick...go purchase some today! If you're not a fan of bright red...pick a new color that makes you feel pretty and wear it Christmas Eve. :)

Have a wonderful last weekend.


  1. I remember lining those outfits up days ahead. It really does help.
    I need to remember to ask my hubby now. He always pulls out some shirt that needs ironing, and I am trying to get ready :)
    I recently bought a deeper lipstick and have enjoyed it so much. Goes with the wintery/holiday clothes!

    Nails...hmmm. They need some attention.
    Have a merry week!

  2. It is so hard to believe it is actually cold somewhere, when we're having a balmy 85 degrees! I cannot wait to head north soon and I'm praying for lots and lots of snow while I'm there! :)

    Yes on the tights! And I will be painting my nails tomorrow. And getting outfits all picked out, and oh my goodness, I just love Christmas SO much. :) Happy happy day to you!

  3. On lipsticks? I have found the wet'n wild brand for a dollar or even under at Walgreens to be very nice lipstick. Also the L.A. Looks for $1 at Dollar General is wonderful and I don't think either brand test on animals.

    Tights. Oh yes...I remember when Lea was a tot, I discovered on Christmas eve day a hole,that was not fun finding another pair. I never did that again!

    Clear polish is my fave for my hands if I do polish, that way it goes with everything and looks shiny and natural and best of all...When it chips no one can see! : D

    Blessings! Nice little tips and reminders. Maybe I will do one on my dollar finds of untested on animal makeup.

    Merry Christmas! : )

  4. Merry, merry, merry Christmas to you!!!

  5. Our Christmas clothes are all lined up for church tomorrow, and then tomorrow I'll get our outfits for Christmas. There's a few more presents to wrap.
    And today I received your Christmas card and pictures; LOVE them!!!
    Merry Christmas dear Liz!!

  6. as soon as i'm done reading my blog list i'm going to paint my nails. and i don't look great in red lipstick so i bought a bright pink instead the other day~ i wore it today and liked the extra pop of color.

    we had all the ice and snow coming back home yesterday... we were driving in it! :/ here in cincy it's been near 50 and green grass! i like it warmer but want cold and snow for christmas. ;)) after that it can go back to being 85 and sunny the rest of the year. hee hee.

    enjoy your cozy week!