Monday, December 23, 2013

The Snowflake Wrestling Match

Church was cancelled yesterday because of ice and snow.
After 6-7 inches fell the sun came out... and so did we.

This guy ^^^ has been working so much this month Early mornings, late, late nights...

It was great to have him around Sunday..he made us a Dutch Baby for breakfast.
If you've never tried a Dutch're missing out.
If you've never tried one Jeff're REALLY missing out.
Seriously, his are the BEST! The Best.

Father/Son wrestling match....^^^
The boy is getting older...the father needed to let the son know who is in charge.
Young boy may be tough...but not as tough as the pack leader.
Let it be known..the father still prevails!

Today is crazy busy. So exciting though because....
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!! Have a great today.


  1. Beautiful photo of you and your love.

  2. You got me..... what is a Dutch baby??

  3. I love to look at snow and ice, but I hate to be out IN it. ha. :D

    Looks like you guys had fun though. Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

  4. I don't know what a Dutch baby is either! It sure looks good! It's funny that you mention the father/son thing because we had that conversation this weekend after the big boys tried wrestling their dad---dad still wins!

  5. Dad always wins! It is a rule around here. My hubby also saved a couple tricks when teaching them to wrestle. Leverage ;-) does win.

    The snow is beautiful. So glad you had such a day together.

  6. love the shot of you and jeff. and dad's have to do that every now and then w/ their boys, don't they? show em they're still the toughest. ;))

    hope you guys have the merriest christmas~ love and hugs to you all.

  7. Is that Hockey sticks I see? I say your crew needs to join ours for our annual hockey game on the pond. :-) Our snow is all melting away and I need some more. Care to share? We need more because the kids got a toboggan for Christmas from Grandma. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!

  8. a dutch baby?
    my grandparents had 8 dutch babies... but it looks like you are talking about food. :)

    love that pic of jeff and you.