Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Carrot Tops

We were looking out the window at the sunrise,
I grabbed my camera because the colors were so pretty. Jeff said it was about to start snowing.
The above^^^ pictures were taken five minutes apart! I couldn't believe how quickly the sky changed!

It's the little carrots with their tops still on. They get so excited. Why? I have no idea.
Thank you Whole Foods for providing such a thrill. ;)

My family would skate everyday if I took them.
During the week the rink is pretty empty. At times, we have it all to ourselves.
This gives me freedom and space to practice my triple lutz triple toe combos. ;)

And just for fun....
a vocabulary test I found on someone's blog this morning.

We're off to the dentist now.
Hope your week is going well.

Happy Wednesday to you.


  1. You make me smile and laugh out loud. You have a gift my friend. And not just your triple Lutz, triple toe combo. ;) Xoxox Cindy

  2. I enjoy your beauty in the moments and laughter!
    Happy Wednesday back at you, from way too hot and dry California.

  3. Wow, crazy how the sky changed in 5 min!! Skating looks so fun...a good winter thing to do with kids too! Happy Thursday, Liz. Xo

  4. You are always have so much fun ~ no matter if it's carrot tops or pretty skies or ice skating... I love how you enjoy life so much!! xoxo

  5. I love ice-skating. We have not had our annual pond ice-skating party and the nearest rink is hours away. Seems every time we plan to go it doesn't work out. It is snowing today here. Love sitting here watching it fall while I sip my coffee. Hope you have a blessed weekend.