Thursday, January 9, 2014

In defense of large families.

Everyone disagrees with things they see in the online world from time to time.
We read, we get aggravated, we move on. But there was this one time....I couldn't let it go!

A friend of mine {mother of seven} posted this article  onto her Facebook page the other day.
To say I read with an open mind would be a lie....the title alone had me up on a soapbox.

Children From Small Families FARE Better Than Children From Large Families- HERE'S WHY
First I thought maybe the article was a hoax. Maybe this woman wasn't real?
I didn't think anyone could really feel the way she did.
But...she's real. and she wrote the article. and she feels that way.

Below are a few statements I copied and pasted from her enlightened findings.

Children from large families are often raised by their parents with just the basic rudiments such as food, clothing, and/or shelter, if that. Children from large families are further taught the principle of just mere instinctive and primal survival, nothing more, nothing less. Children from large families are not raised to appreciate the higher human needs such as appreciation for beauty, culture, the finer things of life, and the importance of self-actualization and individuality. Such things are often beyond the purview of the average large family.

In the homes of typical large families, there are little books and other intellectual paraphernalia.Children from large families begin school academically unprepared and behind.

And finally...My favorite of all her statements!

People of large families are in DEEP, DEEP DENIAL. People from large families are on a DIFFERENT planet from normal people. They AREN'T normal at all. They have a different culture and psychology from us normal folks.

My reaction after reading such rubbish, was to leave a comment....

First, to stick up for my parents!
I wanted to let her know she was dead wrong about our large family and the way we were raised.
I wanted to tell her how pretentious and stuck up her negative stereotyping is!

Secondly I wanted to let her know...
....My husband and I DO teach more than "just mere and primal survival, nothing more, nothing less".
....We have more books than an actual library in our home.
....My children love being outdoors and have a great appreciation for nature.
....We love Monet and Beethoven and my children have a deep love for aged cheese!
{cheese is a finer thing, right?}

But....I didn't leave a comment.

My comment would have done nothing more than irritate her, and/or get deleted...
just like all the other comments she deleted over the past few days that contradicted her opinion.

You see, unless you agree with Ms. Williams, you are not welcome on her page!
Her site is VERY bias!

So she thinks people from large families are from a different planet?  ^^^

Now, now Miss Williams, we are all from the same planet.
The exact same beautiful planet that both small and large families alike notice and appreciate.

I can't speak for every family out there...just like Ms. Williams can't speak for every large family...
but I can speak for the large families I do know (and I know quite a few)...
and not one of them fits into the mold Miss Williams created in her mind and then wrote about.

She writes often about the finer things in life.
She writes how large families are deprived of the finer things.

Well I say to you Ms. is you who is missing out on the finer things.

What could be more finer and beautiful than human life?
Believe it or not, but my children WANT more siblings!

My children know the value of human life....
and it far surpasses a plate of high quality sushi!

I feel bad for Grace Marguerite Williams....She has it all wrong.
She has limited her happiness. Her mind is too closed and small to see past her own ideas.
And her own ideas are so off base with the truth.

I am thankful for my siblings. Every single one of them!
I am more thankful for my brothers and sisters than any new thing or experience I would have had if my parents chose not to have them.

I am thankful for the kids my husband and I have been blessed with.

Large Family/Small is not superior than the other.
Faring better depends upon parents...not family size.
I could go on and on giving reasons why I was offended by Ms. Williams article, but I'll end here.

Oh...and if you're considering having another child...come talk to me...NOT Ms. Williams!
I'll set your mind on the right path. ;)

P.S. Just to be clear...this was not meant to make anyone feel bad for not having a large family. This has nothing to do with family was written in defense of large families. :)


  1. oh my, trying not to get mad at her. She did not site studies, mostly just her opinion. Very biased. PLEASE write and article defending large families. I came from and had what she terms as a midsize family- 3 children. Ha, I always felt we were small and wanted more :) Good parents are the key not the SIZE.

  2. Wow.
    I'm not too impressed with this either. (But then again, here in the US, we should be allowed our freedom of speech, right? Haha. Freedom of speech, as long as you're left-wing anyhow. (But that's a whole other soap box.))
    Way to give your thoughts on this here. I was glad to read them. And couldn't agree more!!!

  3. I wonder if she's trying to be as controversial as possible to get traffic to her site. I have to say, out and about in the real world we get more admiration than criticism (thankfully) for our family size. Liz, you know this already, but you are blessed beyond measure. HUGS.

  4. LIKE! You are raising a beautiful family! I did wonder where she left me, she says small families of 1-2 kids, and large of 6 or more. I have 4 kids. :)

  5. Unbelievable article!!! My blood was boiling when I read it! She is exactly why I DON'T want a small family if possible - because obviously she is entirely self-absorbed and cares nothing about community and true giving of self. To make such a blanket statement is just so unintellectual.

    Thank you for your words of Truth and LIFE! I like your fire, Liz! :)

  6. Her statements are frightening. It makes me sad that people would think this way, is she associated with Planned Parenthood?

    Whether families are large or small, either God is God or He is not. Either parents are in tune with the Lord and a sensitive heart toward their children or they are not. The key to all of this (as I know you agree) is listening to God, having a personal relationship with Him.

    Our world is becoming a scary place, may those who love the Lord be kind to one another in all Christian love and care.

  7. Dearest Liz, you have an amazing family. One of my very favorites. Your position is well stated and factual. Individuals like Ms Williams need to be challenged, others who are easily influenced may agree for lack of personal experience and conviction. It concerns me that our country is shifting more and more to a socialist perspective. Wherein individuals and government feel they have not only the right but the obligation to encroach on our liberties. It is between us and our LORD Jesus, the size of our families. Liz, I am proud of you and your defense of large families. What a wonderful lesson you have just demonstrated to your chikdren. Love Cindy

  8. I think the polar opposite is true of what she's saying~

    some of the very best people I know come from large families!! I mean that truly..

    they are the most talented and intelligent and well rounded of those among my acquaintance's and friend's.

    way to speak up for truth, Liz! xo

  9. It can be really hard for one to understand how such a woman could say such "harsh" words about large families... to put human life in terms of value based on there circumstances. My heart though feels a deep sense of sadness towards her. One has to wonder what such a person has either seen in large families, or experienced in her own personal life to feel such disgust towards something like this. Most times hate, or anger, or blindness to something comes from a hurt in our life. I see this woman hurting, and my heart moves in compassion towards her.
    Your right Liz. There is no need to reply, when one is hurting or blinded by hate through hurt, they cant see truth. I have been such a person. I have responded to life blinded from truth because of my pain. I have been a Christian blinded by my hate. But I am grateful that I have the love of Jesus to keep working in my life to show me where I am wrong. What does this woman have? Most likely not Jesus based on some of her statements regarding Christianity. So, yes, to reply probably wouldn't help. Do we need to defend ourselves and our large families? Really, truly, do we? And if so, how do we do it with a Christ like attitude? For now, I just really want to pray for this woman. She needs Jesus. Its that simple. She doesn't need any kind of rebutle on the beauty of large families. She needs to experience Jesus love from a large family. ;)
    Now just in case your wondering, I am the mother of ten children. And no, we are none of the things that this woman says. We are so apposite from what she says, that I have to chuckle a bit. (I could do with the less toys around though)
    Dysfunction in people or families come in all sizes from my experience. Some may be large families, but just as many come from small families. Lets love our families this week! No matter what the size!!!!!!
    Blessings! Sheila

  10. Oh my word!! Just catching up on your posts from earlier this month as I sit and nurse the latest addition to my growing family. :) I like Clarita and amber's comments And agree with what you've written here!!