Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just a little life.

This is the spin draft on our 1920's wood stove...I think it's pretty.
The stove keeps our house so warm.

This sometimes happens to the school room table.
Okay..this often happens to the school room table.
It's how you can tell it's the end of a school week.^^

Our 10:30 school break...we baked strawberry banana muffins.

On Monday Jeff brought daisies home to me....Twenty years ago we went on our first date.
Ice skating and ravioli in the middle of a snowstorm.
It was perfect and feels like it happened yesterday.

Antique books on the mantle. I've only read two of the four.

It's almost the weekend!


  1. Your school room table-so glad to see that! It's amazing how fast it can become a disaster!

  2. The school table looks like all kinds of wonderful things were being learned! :) I love it! The globe in middle of it all especially.