Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The "Never Agains" of Boys.

If you raise them right, you will Never again have to...
...pump gas.
..kill spiders. car doors.
..shoot anything that needs to be shot with an air soft gun.
...take out the garbage.
..carry in groceries.
...shovel snow.
.....make a fire. painting projects.
...change a light bulb.
..start your car in the middle of winter. in want of a pocket knife.
..check out scary noises in the basement.

You will also Never again.... able to go bra-less in your own home.
...have a bathroom that doesn't stink a couple times a day! {tip of the day~ keep candles on hand}
..wear those short shorts your husband likes you to wear around the house.
{unless you're in the bedroom with the door closed}
....order one pizza for your family.
..keep the cookie jar filled. where your tweezers have been! {don't even ask...}

Boys. Young Men.
They will sweat a lot, eat a lot, wrestle a lot and laugh at gross things.
Things in your house will break, things will get dirty...especially your floors.

The male gender.
They are protectors. They are defenders. They are strong.
They love a challenge. They are competitive.
They are boys.
The men of tomorrow.

I am grateful for the privilege of raising boys along side the man that I love.
Boys make life fun and I like having them around.


  1. Smiles and chuckles as I read this dearest Liz. Thank you, as always, setting it out, in truth and grace, your days, shared and endearing. <3

  2. The above written by Cindy A. I forgot my password to my blog, In Him will I trust. :( my memory got married and moved away, what's a old Momma to do. Lol!

  3. I love it Liz!!
    So many great things about boys for sure!!

  4. I was cleaning out a toy box in the boys room this morning and found a pair of tweezers! LOL

  5. You are raising some great young men. I know, they tend to spoil you, in a good way. David still prefers to open the door for me...they have noticed that at the Doctors office. Ha, so true about tweezers!

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  7. I accidentally commented under Lydia's google account. She told me how stupid it sounded for her to say "I love my boys!" :)
    I love this post! So, so true! I can't imagine life without my boys!

  8. haha!! LOVE it.
    So far, I have only girls in my house. :)

  9. I love this! Elizabeth you are wonderful!

  10. I absolutely love this!!! I relate so well, and I'm also waiting for the happy day when some more from that top list are true for me. :)

  11. I love it, Liz!! You are an awesome mom.

  12. What a great tribute to the boys in your life. It made me laugh. I am still adjusting to having two boys in the house. It definitely has changed the dynamic quite a bit.

  13. I love this so much! It is so encouraging to see young men being raised to be strong, to be protectors, and taught to work hard! Great job there, both of you. :) This is what I'm aiming for too, as we raise our son, and hopefully more to come! As for the second list - yep, I'm finding that out here too - just because of the ages of our kids. Ha ha!

  14. this all sounds so familiar... i won't use a tweezers or nail clippers that they've had their hands on. yeah. don't ask. :)
    love this post and your fine young men who are boys!

  15. and then you have those moments like today where you come out of the shower wrapped only in a towel to deal with the pitching a fit 3 yr old, only to have your teenage son that you forgot was home with a snow day come walking out of the bedroom and you both just stop and stare at each other for a few awkward seconds and yeah.. then just shake your head and walk back into the bathroom. haha!!!

    oh, the love of raising boys!!

    i'll never forget when you guys had come to visit and everyone was sitting on the patio and when i came out tyler jumped up and offered me his seat. i said to ben later, "you need to be like that!" ;))

    love this post. and your mama's heart.

  16. Loved this! I have 3 boys also ;)

    1. Four boys 23-9. I totally got this!;) would never trade it! christina

  17. The sad thing is that those boys do grow up and eventually you're back to checking out those weird noises by yourself yet again ;)