Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Meet the grandparents....1950 something.

Frank and Helen.
She makes a great tiramisu and the most fabulous cannoli cake.
He makes the best homemade Italian sausage.

He and I have played a few practical jokes on each other over the years...mine are always better.
They bought me my first car...a 1974 VW Bug with a sunroof.

We would sleep over night on the weekends...
....they would make us whatever we wanted for breakfast. {I usually chose waffles}

I wore her wedding gown on my own wedding day.
He taught me how to drive stick shift in a school parking lot.

I still use the afghan she made for me when I was seven.
Their wedding cake stood three feet tall.

It states in their will I get the vitrola in their basement when they die....
...yeah, I'm ALMOST positive it says that.

The smell of cooked peppers and garlic reminds me of their house.
I'm their favorite matter what the others say. I'm the favorite.

Love them so much.


  1. Beautiful! Where do I go to see this wedding photo of you in her dress? Sounds fab.

  2. They look like a dashing couple. :) And I've heard you talk about them often enough that they seem like the best grandparents ever! I love how close you are to them, and how interested they are in your lives. I want to tuck things like this away for What to do When I'm a Grandparent. :)

  3. SO cute! So Italian. I think if I could choose a nationality, it would be yours:-)

  4. love!!!!

    and i think tyler looks alot like your grandpa.

  5. Oh my, I see where you get you and your sisters get your beauty! :) They sound like fabulous grandparents.
    The wedding dress... do show us! :)

  6. You had me at tiramisu and cannoli cake! *wipes drool from chin* Could they be any more gorgeous? I mean look at them.
    Awesome memories as well. Made me smile and wish I was closer to my grandparents.