Wednesday, February 12, 2014

He doesn't bring me flowers.

I will occasionally give him a little reminder that I like flowers,
but somehow buying flowers never seems to make it onto his to do list.  ;)
So....I buy my own.

And it's okay. Do you know why? because he does things for me flower buying husbands don't do!
Better things. Things I wouldn't trade for flowers. {Like chocolate!}

However, flower buying husband's wives may like the fact that they get flowers and wouldn't trade that for the things other husbands do instead of flowers.

Don't compare your relationship or your man to someone else's.
{How would you like him comparing you to another woman?..yeah, didn't think so.}

Each relationship is different and special in it's own way.
If you start comparing, you will never find happiness and contentment with the person you are with.

I love the man I'm married to for so many reasons. He is quite the catch.

Valentines Day is just a couple days away. Anything special you're doing to get ready?
Do you celebrate big? small? not at all?
We usually don't celebrate big, but this year we're going on a date. Yay!
Tomorrow the kids and I are making homemade Valentines and baking a strawberry cake.


  1. :) I could have written this! I set the table today with Tulips and one of my vintage lace tablecloths. When I came home on Sunday with the Tulips my husband said, "thank you, you know how much I love flowers!" Today I was thinking how he does feel a bit uncomfortable buying flowers, but will come home from the garden with some clutched in his hand like a boy, or bring me a ripe strawberry, and the year we passed a dumpster outside the florist and it looked like a rose parade float, he went dumpster diving for me!
    We do homemade special cards, dinner at home, and desert. It has always been a day to include everyone we love.
    xoxo to you!

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  2. Aww, I love this so much!! My husband isn't a flower-giving husband either, but long ago my wise Aunt told me, "Learn to accept the way he chooses to love you." They were great words of advice for me, and I am so grateful for the many ways he DOES show me love. I love this article so much!! I think HE has got quite a catch in a sweetheart of a wife like you. :) Our Valentine's Day is very busy - our church does a very formal dinner for widow's in our community every year right around Valentine's Day, and this year it happens to be on the very day. So, this whole week is busy preparing for the 70 or so dear older widows planning to come. :)

  3. Yay for a Valentine's date! We used to usually go out on Valentine's but last year we celebrated at home and made it more about the kids. It quickly became Kierra's "favorite day of the year" and she is SO looking forward to Friday that we'll just have a special (pink) cake and make some decorations and have a special supper at home again.

    I totally agree with buying your own flowers (or chocolate or whatever makes you happy) if that's not your husband's thing. Or I will ask specifically for something if I really want it and don't think he'll do it on his own. I hear about people being so upset if their husband forgets this or that, and I am thinking, why play games? Why not casually mention that your anniversary is coming up or that Friday is Valentine's Day if it's important to you rather than make it a test (if he loves me, he'll remember). Focus on what he DOES do for you rather than what he DOESN'T do. It's not like they are wired like us OR mind readers ;)

  4. Jason buys me flowers from time to time, but rarely, RARELY, flowers from a flower shop. I think it has to do with a conversation we had while dating when I said I could not think of a bigger waste of money than buy a bouquet of flowers for $150. Yikes! Now flowers from a street vendor/local grocery store or even the front yard...that's my style. :) With that being said there is absolutely nothing wrong with the woman who does enjoy receiving big expensive bouquets or the husband who gives such an extravagant gift. We all speak different love languages! Our tradition is to bake lots of treats, make homemade valentines, decorate the house, and have a candle-lit only dinner as a family. The kids always get such a kick out of all the candles surrounding the table. :) We haven't done a Valentines date out in about eight years. I bet you and Jeff will have a blast just being together, enjoy your couple-time! xo -Chris

  5. I'm learning to do what Clarita mentioned above^^...'accept the way he chooses to love me.' Your article is so perfect for me...thank you! We don't usually don't do much for Valentine's Day, but this year is different. My husband & I had a wonderful date last night, there are cookies & candy waiting to be given to friends & neighbors, and tomorrow night we will have a special candlelit supper as a family.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. great post! around here... it's a family valentines party, put the kids to bed early kind of night!:) my husband doesn't give me birthday or Christmas gifts, but he does always get me flowers for valentines day. i'll take it! he went out in the crazy weather today and brought home some roses. something about flowers in February just make me really happy. hope you guys have an awesome date!

  7. That's very sweet and very true! Scott gives me flowers on V day and the kids have homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We usually do something fun like watch educational history shows or something. This year we watched the Olympics and I let them have the day off so they were very happy! They all make Valentine's for each other and it's so sweet to read them!
    Your flowers are beautiful!!