Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Here.

My sister is a full time caregiver to a sweet woman in her 90's. My girls visit on Monday afternoons.
Sam joined them this week for a surprise project Auntie Caitlin is doing with them today.

They also were just prank calling my house.
(and other family members at work and home....they wanted to order a cheese pizza)
Yes, my sister is a good influence! ;)

I didn't even know it was them.
How sad is it that I couldn't recognize my own kid's voices!? Ha.

Today we are having our 127th snowstorm of the season.
While driving in some areas around here, you can't even see a lot of the farm fields because the snow
is piled so high on the sides of the road. It looks like you're driving through a tunnel of snow.


Jeff is working from home today....he made popcorn. (with coconut oil)
We're mature, I know. ;)

Hope your week is off to a good start.


  1. How fun that your husband gets to work from home!! You are spoiled. ;)

  2. oh that bowl. pretty sure we used to have one. LOVE it.

  3. Are we supposed to be impressed about the coconut oil? Did I mention it was 72 degrees here today?

    That's a crap-ton of snow. Chicago should have hosted the Olympics.

  4. That's so funny about the prank calls! It reminds me of how Kendall used to answer the phone when someone he knew well was calling. "Eddie's Bar and Grill- may I take your order?" He got people more than once with that!

    And the snow... {sigh} My husband and I have a bet about when spring is coming. I am sure it will be a late spring and he thinks he will be mowing grass by the first of April. I told him that mowing grass (if it's too wet or has a skiff of snow on it) just to win the bet doesn't count, but honestly, I hope he's right!!

  5. I know it must be soooo hard towards the end of winter when it seems like the bleakness just won 't stop, I think it is probably similar to how we feel in California when we just so desperately want it to feel like Fall when we take our kids to the pumpkin patch at the end of October...and we are still having 90 degree days. I lived in NE Pennsylvania for two years and I honestly felt like I would just die during the winter months, it was really difficult. I will say that I never stop marveling at how great our God is to give us such distinct seasons. There certainly is beauty to be found in each one. :) Praying you see some sunshine in the near future! xo -Chris

  6. I CANNOT imagine that much snow. I would be so happy!! :) I say this winter God is testing my contentment like never before! Ha. But, this week weather is in the 70's and 80's, and you know, it's actually pretty nice too. Since we never get snow days here I'm thinking of taking a "Beach Day". :) We'll see!

    What fun that your husband works from home some days! Your family looks like you all have so much fun together. Your kids prank-calling you is just too fun. :)

  7. hahaha i see the maturity! you look like two naughty kids. :)

  8. and...

    I love your sister's influence! Funny how I think you two sound related...