Monday, March 31, 2014


I was 12 weeks into my pregnancy yesterday.
I'm officially in my second trimester now. :)

I need to go shopping for new pants. and new shirts.
and a new purse...a purse is very important for pregnancy you know.

We tapped the sugar maple tree in our front yard....I've spent the day boiling sap.
My house is steamy and smells like we're about to eat pancakes.

It was 63 degrees today...but very, very windy.
When it gets warm in northern gets windy. Welcome to March/April.

We've decided to take spring break this week.
It was a rash decision...which is fine because I want to get my house back in order and organized.
I feel like I've spent the past few weeks napping..oh wait, I have!

I don't live in NYC, but I thought this list was fun to read.

I washed blankets today that have been in the laundry pile since February...
...see! I told you I needed to get my house in order!

I've eaten one too many chocolate chip pecan cookies today.

“We fear men so much, because we fear God so little.” 
 William Gurnall
How true this is.  It's so easy to care more about what people think than what God thinks.

Hope your week is off to a good start.
Happy Monday.


  1. Beautiful 12 weeks along you! I laughed to hear how important purses were for a maternity wardrobe ;) Happy Spring! And yes, always seeking to fear God, and care about what He thinks. The other is too easy.

  2. I love that dress, you look lovely. Happy 12 weeks! Let us know how much syrup you get. My parents are also boiling this year.

  3. Happy 12 weeks! Yummy maple goodness and cookies, are you going to sweet speak all through your pregnancy... now I am hungry for both! :-P

  4. congrats on 12 weeks, you look so beautiful. i'm thinking that as a supportive, understanding friend, i should empathy shop for clothes and purses too. :) excellent quote! i don't live in nyc either but having just visited a week ago...which should make me an expert, right? i will read your list like a pretend native. xo

  5. You look lovely! I totally agree on the need to shop, it's mandatory for a pg lady. Or any lady, really! :)

  6. I commented yesterday from my phone. It's gone. Where did it go?? It was funny too, but I don't remember now what it was. UGH.

    You guys are too cute.

    I just bought a new purse! I think you're right about the maternity thing! Happy 2nd trimester!!

  7. You look so beautiful. I love that often I fall into that trap.

  8. You look gorgeous as always! My girls and I were discussing how much fun it's going to be to follow you through your pregnancy!

  9. Oh goodness, you are just so gorgeous! I am so excited about your pregnancy!!
    And yes, a new purse is essential for pregnancy. Absolutely.

  10. so pretty. and still so tiny!
    you remind me of a famous wedding model with the most regal updo who's going to be all over billboards and magazines and flat out FAMOUS!!!! ;))

    i always smile when i hear about making maple syrup..
    reminds me when we were first married and shayne tried it.
    everything in the house ended up such a sticky mess!

    happy thursday evening! xo