Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We're SUPER famous models now.

Early Saturday morning Jeff and I got to play " the lucky couple".
We were taking advertisement pictures for this lovely resort.

I want to live in the great big old mansion we were shooting in....it was Gorgeous!
They said no. Go figure.

I've never been dolled up by others before.
I've never had my make-up applied by anyone except myself!
I asked the make up artist to come over every morning...she said sure, but I'm thinking it may get costly.

Wedding fashion details can be stressful..but not for this fake bride.
The lovely ladies in charge chose everything....
....my dress, my hairstyle, my jewelry, even my lipstick color.

They took me outside of my always-wear-your-curly-hair-down little box...
I never wear my hair up the way it was styled, and I never wear berry colored lipstick.
I was pampered.

It was a blast and that beautiful cake tasted SOOOO good! The frosting was amazing.
I would like to eat a piece right now!

Here are a few photos I stole off instagram. :)
I enlarged them....sorry about the grainy quality.

The most handsome fake groom ^^^ever!

The picture does not do the table set up justice.
It was a gorgeous brunch spread with so many pretty, pretty details!
I'm sure the professional pictures will be lovely.

Playing wedding for a day was fun. Especially since I had such a great groom to work with. ;)
Happy Evening to you.


  1. Wow Liz!!!!! You look amazingly beautiful with your hair up like that!

  2. well how fun it that?! You look beautiful. The dress is so lovely. Your girls must think you two are the most divine parents ever.

  3. stunning! both YOU and the opportunity. how fun!
    and to think that i hung around with ya before you were famous. ;)

  4. Lovely. I hope you were feeling well for this day! How fun to have a wedding day that is totally relaxing and fun without the stress of planning. :)

  5. Oh my goodness, this is so FUN!! You two are so in love, I'm sure anyone would've thought you really ARE in that newly-wedded glow. :) You are gorgeous as ever. What a fun fun shoot! I'd love to see the professional pictures too!

  6. What a gorgeous setting and they sure picked the right couple for it! Love your hair up!! What a fun opportunity.

  7. So we definitely were looking at this in my business meeting just now! My goodness, thank you so much for being apart this! We were more than lucky to have you. Your confidence, your personality and your nature beauty made this shoot as lovely as it was. :)