Monday, April 21, 2014


We finally had a beautiful, warm weekend here and it happened to fall on Easter weekend!
It made for sunny egg hunts and sandals for the first time this year.

Saturday we drove down to Jeff's parents to celebrate Easter with his family. ^^^
{all the cousins minus one who just had her wisdom teeth pulled}

Sunday we went early to church for a sunrise breakfast and service.
Late Sunday afternoon we went to my parent's house where 300 eggs were hidden.
Yes, 300! Everyone didn't realize how many eggs everyone else was filling and bringing.
The kids had a blast.

Now today I am dealing with saying no a hundred times to candy....(and not just to the kids, but me! ;)
I hate sugar, but I love it, but I hate it, but I love it!

And I'm mad at my sister in law for making the most incredible triple layered carrot cake.
Grr...why'd she send it home with me?! Why did I agree to take it? I should know better, I really should.

I love my family so much. So thankful for my life.
Happy Easter. He is RISEN!!!


  1. i just want to eat one of those cupcakes!! and talk about carrot cake? oh my stars. i LOVE carrot cake. but, never make it because i'm the only one who really does like it in this house.
    300 hundred eggs?! wow!! that's a lot! i'm sure it was loads of fun for the kids. and, my goodness they are all looking so grown up. such a beautiful family you have Liz!
    happy new week to you!

  2. Love this post. The girls are wearing lipstick? SO darling! I'm thinking 300 eggs was just about right for your big family! LOL The pictures are lovely, Liz. I hear you on the candy. I didn't give out much (I even bought easter Goldfish CRACKERS to add to the nests) so I didn't have to deal with the love/hate candy-thing! hugs

    1. I did the same thing...only cheese crackers, not goldfish.
      All the candy came from the hunt! The girls aren't wearing lipstick..but their little lips DO look like it! I didn't even notice until you mentioned it. Haha.

  3. Yummmm! Carrot Cake. Sounds delish. Beautiful pictures of your family.

  4. If I were there, I would save you from the carrot cake because I would eat it. :) cUte children!!

  5. It looks like such a lovely Easter weekend! Family times are special! ♥