Friday, April 25, 2014

Losing Freedom, Brie and Truffle Fries...Yes there's a connection. Sort of.

Since the beginning of Jeff and Liz....we've had babies and kids at our feet..
until recently....and we've loved every second of it!
It's what we wanted...we wanted to raise a big family, and do it while we were young.

Even with little ones we always took time for "us".
We have always tried to keep our marriage alive and well. It's important.
{and I like spending time with my husband, it's one of my favorite parts of life!}

Now that our kids are old enough...we don't need a babysitter,
we have the freedom to run out spur of the moment for coffee, dinner or a quick jaunt to the store.

It's been nice. We entered into a new phase....that will soon be an old phase.

Last Friday evening as we were driving into the sunset....
on our way to THIS incredible steakhouse,
it dawned on me what this new little baby is going to do to our freedom! Bye, bye. Ha!

Starting this fall we will be a little tied down. and that's okay.
We're excited for another little person to join our family.
It's been 8 years since we've had a baby along for date night....he or she better like Starbucks.

Things in our little world of doing whatever we want, whenever we want will be changing..Soon.
We'll still be going out, we will just have infant company.
Which is better than teenage company when you want to be alone.
Babies don't have opinions about your conversation. They just care about clean diapers and being fed.

Now..back to our dinner at the steakhouse.
The restaurant is inside a big old house.
A beautiful big old house with an incredible staircase and a beautiful set of bells going up the wall.^^^
(I wanted to ring them...)

The food? Oh my...
Have you ever had truffle Fries? I didn't either...until last week.
French fries fried in truffle oil and then dipped in a truffle mayo dipping sauce.

My other favorite?
An appetizer simply called ~ The Brie ~
Baked brie cheese, panko crusted...served with grilled bread and a tomato basil sauce on the side.
To. die. for...well, maybe not actually die, but I definitely would go back just to get a plate of it!

And all the windows surrounding our table made for a beautiful view while
the sun set and a romantic feel once light disappeared.
Or maybe it was Jeff all dressed up in a tie that made it any rate, it was lovely!

Now I'm hungry and our usual Friday night pizza doesn't sound so good in comparison.
Yeah. I know...first world problems. I should be thankful for any food I can eat! and I am.

Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.
Any exciting plans? We have a birthday party on Saturday and church on Sunday.


  1. Thank you so much for doing this... You and your husband are adorable and now I want this for dinner lolol :)

  2. I told you about making me hungry...this proves it! And you two, too cute for words. Yes, infants are a bit easier to date with, and after have a lot of babysitters! I won't tell you the story of what happened the first time we left David home with his brothers. ;-) Just that it was funny and not serious, and handcuffs were involved.

  3. The food looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I'm hungry, and I wish I could reach out and taste the fries and everything else, too.

  4. It all looks so delicious, I would love a plate of those fries right now as a bedtime snack. Good for you in choosing such a special place for date night! You two look great. :)

  5. I am assuming that picture is a picture of the baked brie? I thought when I looked at it that it was fried cheesecake. Which at first I thought why mess with perfection....but then I thought... why not I would try it. Now if only someone would make some fried cheesecake.

  6. Like Christy, that food looks amazing!!! I LOVE going to restaurants that don't just serve good food, but that make it look awesome too. This looks like a keeper restaurant. :)

    And I love how you are so intentional about your marriage! We are still in that "kids everywhere" stage and it can be challenging to find a babysitter, or find the time away with just the two of us - but it IS so worth it, and we work hard to make it happen. :) Love you!

  7. A NEW BABY!!!! Congrats!! I don't blog much any more but I just happened to check in with you today!!!
    I bet your girls are excited!!
    Hope your feeling well!! Kim

  8. Everything looks AMAZE! I cannot wait to see this new little addition to your family. xo -Chris

  9. Such a charming restaurant and couple!!:) the food looks outstanding.
    Yes, the baby will change the freedom, but such an exciting change!!