Thursday, May 15, 2014

Counting weeks and names and math.

I've found counting in weeks makes pregnancy go by faster.
Every seven days I'm farther along...
as opposed to every thirty/thirty one days when counting in months.
I'm eighteen weeks...two more days and I'll be nineteen weeks. See how fast it goes in just days?

We're NOT finding out what the baby is this time. Our moms are not very happy.

But here's what happened....

Jeff wanted to wait. He said he really wants it to be a surprise when the baby is born.
He told me we could make a deal...if we wait, I can choose the baby's name.
Of course I agreed...what mom wouldn't love to have the name of her own choosing?

However, I feel guilty and selfish picking all by myself,
I still consult him when I have a name suggestion.
So far there has only been one name with a big, fat NO from him...
I didn't really like it that much anyway.

I think I'm settled on names...for now. Ha.
I forgot how fun this is.

How many children does it take to do a math workbook page?
Allison took her school outside to the sidewalk that ONE spring day it was warm.
(okay, we have had more than one, but not many...;)

Our school year is almost over....for the girls.
The boys want to continue math and a couple other subjects over the summer.
They definitely take after their father...
.....I would never dream of making them do schoolwork during
hot, sunny, swimming, bike riding, ice cream eating weather.

It's a good thing they have Jeff as an example though...he balances me out.
I am the teacher who would love to just read books, bake, study music composers and do art all day.
Seriously, why do you need math?

Jeff is the...this-place-needs-to-be-run-like-a-ship and
everyone-needs-to-love-math-and-science and
kind of teacher.  (yes, I called it computer case you read this Jeff. I love you. ;)

It's good. Boys need that push, and I'm glad and thankful he's here to give it.
I push, but in different ways than he does. Like I said, we balance each other out.

So it's fine, if they want to do school, I'm here to help.
Even if it's sunny outside.

Happy Thursday.


  1. oh so exciting. So we all get to wait...kind of old school. Not calling myself OLD, but the shoe does fit. I was reading 18- 19 weeks and thinking , oh good we get to find out soon. Then you told us you are waiting and I thought, how exciting! Am I easy or what? Love how you all balance each other out. David talks technical to me all the time, and I try to listen, but really do end up zoning out over the computer jargon. :) Love the little huddle on the walkway.
    You may have some of our heat...104 and stifling hot. Jenny (on my hubs computer)

  2. Love your approach to summer! Hope some more beautiful weather is headed your way. How fun to be thinking about and picking baby names.

  3. hmmm, we could all be of help on the baby naming. :) So what was the big fat NO name? :)

  4. I loved reading your update. Picking out a name was always a fun part of expecting a baby. I never could wait to find out, i always wanted to know the very second I possibly could. But I think it is so cool when others decide to wait until delivery day! Love the pic of the math problem, they are truly thinking hard. :) Happy weekend, Liz!