Monday, May 19, 2014


{when your air conditioning goes out in the car and there was one hot day ^^^}

I have 17,676 emails in my inbox...yes, I'm serious.

It's the girl's last Monday of the school year. Yay!

My friend Shanda inspired me with her laundry tip {scroll to the bottom of her post}
...I've been trying to keep up. I've fallen behind a bit, my plan is to be all caught up today.
It's cloudy, but 68 today...I'll be hanging clothes outside on the line. :)

We have a sick one in our house this morning...Tyler is on the couch with a fever and bad sore throat.
It's not often he gets sick.

We've been watching a home renovation show together this morning.
The family has 2 small children and the house is ONLY 2,000 square feet...
...naturally they need more space. *cough*
They are looking at 5,000 square foot, million dollar homes....
........It amazes me what people think they NEED. Want yes, need no. ;)

Last week the weather was sooo cold. The towns surrounding us had an inch of snow! In May!
It was crazy. Thankfully we were under this tiny strip of just clouds, no precipitation.
I am so happy that warmer weather is on it's way.
Happy new week to you.


  1. Love grows best in little houses! I grew up in a 1,600 sqft house and we were for ed to be together!

  2. i'm so sorry Tyler is sick... you guys have had your share of sickness this year!!!
    i love all your pictures Liz.
    i just miss you.
    a lot.

  3. I love all your pictures! Every single one is just so pretty!
    And yay for school nearly being over! That is exciting right there. :)
    Happy week beginning!

  4. your pictures are heartwarming. :) lovelove.
    hope that tyler gets better soon.

  5. Yay for some planting going on there. The pics are fun. I could ask questions about each ,what are those big leaves? Great "natural air conditioning" . David had a friend who had NEVER ridden in a car with the windows open. David, being like a puppy with his head out the window, couldn't understand it.

  6. I'm still doing my laundry like that!! LOL (sometimes I give advice and somehow after a while I don't follow it myself!) There are days when I fall behind a little but for the most part it gets done and it makes me happy.
    In your phone pics, I couldn't believe that you and your daughter have the SAME smile and look---she looks like your mini-self. So darling.
    17,000 plus, emails is perhaps a world record? LOL
    HUGS to you, take care of yourself!