Monday, June 2, 2014

Those Little Tap Dancers.

Model "A" Day.
A fun little 1920's festival that takes place every June.
Lots of 1920's cars. Popcorn. Roasted Nuts. Music. Bubble Gum blowing contest.
Ice Cream. Old fashioned boxing get the idea. 

My sweet sister Stephanie... a matter of weeks taught the girl cousins in the family {all eight of them}
a tap dancing routine and made {along with my fabulous sister in love Rachel}
eight "1920's" dresses to wear.
Without patterns!...amazing to a non-sewer like me.

The girls were absolutely adorable dancing together.
They are blessed to have each other.

{Stephanie and Charleton ^^^}

Family and friends came out for the day.
It was hot and sunny and I took a bazillion and one pictures
and ate a bazillion and one pieces of kettle corn...for the baby of course.



  1. Where is this?! I wish I'd known about it, this is right up my alley!

    1. It's in Sharon always takes place the first Sunday in June. :)

  2. So great! I loooooved the picture of your sister with her husband. The family picture and the one where Jeff is dipping you are fabulous too! The girls dresses turned out so good and how cute is that bottom picture! What a neat experience to "travel" back into time. xo -Chris

  3. you. jeff. and that adorable baby bump. such a great pic!!!

  4. SO SO beautiful!!!! I can't stand it. I see your baby belly, Lizzy! Thanks so much for sharing this day on your blog. xo

  5. oh my stars, this looks sooo Awesome!! what a fun festival! it's so darling that your sister and sister in law made all those dresses and taught them to dance! the pictures are all fantastic and like Shanda said, i saw your cute little baby belly!!! (eek!!)
    you and your sisters are all so, so pretty. Stephanie totally looks like she stepped out of the 20's!

  6. The dresses! Oh so cute!!! And you finally look pregnant! Beautiful!