Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello Summer.

We've had rain, we've had sun.
Flowers are blooming, the pool is ready...summer. It's here!

Two of our boys (and my brother) ran early Saturday morning.
One ran a 10K...the others a 2 mile.

The race happened to be only a few blocks from my favorite bakery....
Sooooo I ate doughnuts and took pictures. It was the right thing to do.

I maaaay have felt a little intimidated when I saw another pregnant lady walk by,
bigger stomach than me, further along, I'm sure she was due that afternoon!...
...number pinned to her running shirt, stretching with her son.....silly lady.
Why inflict guilt on other pregnant women? It's not nice, it's not right.
She should be eating doughnuts.

I thought all this as I shoved another bite of custard and chocolate into my mouth
and realized she was the one missing out.
Oh well, I'll run and work out later. Probably. :)

...Hope your Monday is a good one.


  1. Your toes in the water and that last picture of all those sweet girls-->gahhhh!

  2. That last picture just about did me in... such an adorable post! Thank you so sharing!

  3. I like your style girl! Of course I always enjoy looking through you pictures... even if I don't always comment (bad April!). Hurray for summer and good summertime eating!!

  4. Let's just make a pact that next year, a few months post-baby, we will start running again. That should be good enough! It's totally wrong for a pregnant woman to shame the rest of us! ;)

  5. Blogspot just eats my comments. Loved this post. Keep eating donuts, I'm sure baby dear needs them!

  6. Loved this!
    And the part about the pregnant runner was so funny. I love how you write! :)
    You just go ahead and eat custard and donuts - you are looking perfectly beautiful!!

  7. Love this post. Pass me a donut, would you?